Best Spectrum Analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a test instrument that functions to measure and visualize the signal amplitude over a certain frequency range. The screen visualizes them in a graphic of amplitude vs frequency. The signal amplitude is displayed on the Y-axis, while the frequency range is displayed on the X-axis. The signal amplitude is commonly expressed … Read more

Best Skinfold Caliper Reviews

It’s an amazing fact that we don’t use caliper only to measure the thickness of metal, wood, etc, but also the thickness of our skin, skin fold to be precise. Measuring our skin fold is important to measure our fat. Further, we know how ideal your body weight is. For women, surely this is an … Read more

Best Speed Square

In woodworking and carpentry, several square tools can spring in mind when it comes to checking squareness, measuring small distances, and marking out on wood. A speed square is one of them. It is a triangle-shaped instrument with a t-edge, line guide, scribing holes, right angle, protractor, ruler, diamond hole, common scale, hip scale, and … Read more

Best Mechanical Protractor

A protractor is an essential tool to measure an angle. It’s also used to draw an angle. This tool has many applications and is used in engineering drawing, metalworking, woodworking, carpentry, etc. There are several types of protractors. The protractor used to measure an angle of 2D object (geometry drawing) is different from an angle … Read more

Best Magnetic Base for Dial Indicator

As we know that dial indicator is one of the most important measuring apparatuses in mechanical industries. We apply this precision instrument to check the runout between the workpiece surface and axis of rotation, clearances (distance between two surfaces), straightness, and many other tests. Every dial indicator component has its own importance. But the most … Read more

Best Dial Bore Gauge Reviews

Dial bore gauge allows you to measure the internal diameter of a cylinder hole with better speed and accuracy compared to the telescopic model. As the name suggests, it comes with a dial indicator to display the reading in real-time. The long shaft lets you reach the internal diameter down the deeper area. Since it’s … Read more

Best Digital Indicator

A digital indicator is the electronic type of dial indicator. This model is excellent in terms of speed. Instead of reading the two scales, a digital indicator allows you to read the reading instantly on the screen which lets you quickly know the measurement result. You don’t need to manually read the smaller and the … Read more

Best Test Indicator

Test indicator is a mechanical precision measuring tool in the workshop that you could use to measure runout, roundness, flatness, parallelism, and squareness. Its contact point touches the surface of object to measure, and it swivels up and down. When it comes to measuring in a higher degree of resolution, test indicator is a recommended … Read more

Best Dial Indicator

A dial indicator or dial gauge is able to magnify a tiny hard-to-observe length difference into a rotatable easy-to-count distance. When the plunger moves back and forth, it drives the needle/pointer on the dial scale to rotate. Nicely, this workshop precision measuring tool can give you a resolution down to .001″, even .0001″. By using … Read more

Best Propane Tank Gauge

Whether you are grilling a BBQ chicken in the backyard or using propane-powered appliances in your RV, it’s critical to regularly check your propane tank. The monitoring will permit you to schedule the refill. Most importantly, it’ll avoid running out when it’s been being used. There are several types of tools used to estimate and … Read more