Best Digital Psychrometer

A digital psychrometer is essentially the type of hygrometer. It’s the tool that is used to measure relative humidity. However, both of them are different in terms of how it works. The psychrometer does measure relative humidity by utilizing two thermometers called dry bulb and wet bulb. There are three types of psychrometer: Analog, Sling, … Read more

Best Inside Micrometer

Inside micrometer allows you measure internal diameter of an object precisely and accurately. An inside micrometer is used by professionals to measure the internal dimensions of pipes, holes, registers, and slots with very high accuracy. There are two types of inside micrometers: analog and digital. The digital model can reach a smallest reading (resolution) down … Read more

Best Altimeter Reviews

An altimeter is an instrument to measure altitude; the vertical distance between the altimeter and mean sea level. Please remember that altitude, elevation, and height are different. Altimeters can come in a watch (altimeter watch). This model is appropriate to use for hiking, mountain climbing, etc. This watch can be also equipped with a GPS … Read more

Best ESR Meter

Any electronics circuit designer understands the importance of using the appropriate component in the design. That process begins by measuring the ESR values of different electrical components already in the design. That is where an ESR meter comes in. An Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) meter is a measuring instrument used for the actual capacitance measurements … Read more

Best Continuity Tester

A continuity tester is a measuring instrument used by electricians and DIYers in checking electrical circuits. These inexpensive battery-powered devices comprise a cord, a probe, and an alligator clip for hooking it to an electrical circuit. As the name suggests, they help you identify an opening in an electrical circuit. Unlike other electrical measuring instruments, … Read more

Best Vernier Caliper Reviews

Vernier caliper is the type of caliper that makes use of a vernier scale to display the reading. This vernier scale can provide you with a resolution of .001″ (0.02 mm). It is common to find a vernier caliper with a 6″ measuring range. But you can also find the longer ones such as 8″, … Read more

Best Machinist Level

A machinist level is a leveling tool to orient, align, and level your machine or work surface so that machining, cutting, and other tasks can be performed accurately. Unlike other levels, machinist level provides greater accuracy compared to the other leveling tools, that said it’s called precision level as well. Machinists work in a wide … Read more

Best 100 ft Tape Measure Reviews

According to, a 100 feet tape measure is useful for determining property boundaries and other exterior measurements. In other words, when you are surveying or appraising a particular property, this kind of tape measure is considered ideal to suit the object length you are going to measure. It’s not too long or too short. … Read more

Best Wire Tracer

Wall, floor, and even ceilings in your house is becoming congested with networking, telephone, and electrical cables. That poses a challenge to engineers and technicians who want to add other hidden wires or even repair them. The danger of damaging the existing one and causing mess is at its all-time high. Fortunately, there are instruments … Read more

Best Precision Tape Measure

A precision tape measure is one of the most essential tools in your toolbox if you need high accuracy of measurement using a tape measure. Simply, Class 1 tape measures are considered as the precision tape measures due to its precision specification on its graduation. Builders, masons, metalworkers, woodworkers, carpenters, machinists, homeowners, etc use it … Read more