Best Magnetic Locator Reviews

A magnetic locator is an instrument used to locate ferrous metals. Commonly, we use it to locate underground buried objects such as iron stakes, mag nails, pk nails, survey monuments, rebar, steel well casings, pipe joints, septic tank handles, manhole cover, cast iron pipes, valve boxes, underground oil storage tanks, and even unexploded ordnances. For … Read more

Best EMF Meter

The EMF meters are small devices for detecting and monitoring harmful electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic radiation. In other words, they are measuring instruments for radio frequency (RF), electric field (EF), and magnetic field (MF). Some of these products can detect the EMF in the 5G band, but engineers are the people who commonly use those. … Read more

Best Geiger Counter Reviews

Geiger counter measures the amount of radioactivity by counting the particles that hit the detector (Geiger Muller tube). This gas-filled type instrument, in turn, generates pulses that represent the number of particles hitting the gas atoms inside the tube. Nuclear fallout, visiting a nuclear disaster site, collecting antiques, living near a nuclear power plant, mineral … Read more

Best Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Are you looking for a non-contact voltage tester? You are in the right place. This post focuses on the review of the best non-contact voltage tester to help you make an informed decision. As the name implies, non-contact voltage testers let you check AC voltages without connecting to wires or components. They enhance your safety … Read more

Best Stud Finder

Stud finders, as their name suggests, are for finding studs buried deep into the walls. You should know where they are located if you want to drill the wall to hang something or for other installations. Stud finders are simple devices for detecting studs in the drywall. But things can be hidden behind the walls. … Read more

Best Outlet Tester

Completing electrical wiring projects without checking the correctness can likely cause a disaster. Regardless of how good you are, you can make mistakes. These can lead to damage to electrical equipment connected to these outlets. In severe cases, faulty electrical wiring can cause fire and death of people. Outlet testers are used by DIYers, electricians, … Read more

Best Wall Scanner

Do you need to drill the wall to mount a new device such as a TV or just a renovation project? If you have done it before, you know it is never a straightforward process. The wall interior may contain electrical lines, plumbing fixtures, and screws that hold your drywall panels in place. Drilling blindly … Read more

Best Underground Wire Locator

It’s very risky doing excavation without proper locating. You are very possible to hit the buried wire and cause absolute damage. An underground wire locator is highly required in this case. According to the Common Ground Alliance, there are more than 20 million miles of underground utilities spread over in the United States. This surely … Read more

Best Sewer Camera

A sewer camera is used to diagnose the issue inside the pipe of the sewer system. This camera will be pushed down to the pipe using a cable. Due to dark, some illumination LEDs are built into the camera. Some cameras can rotate, controlled remotely. Then the video capture can be watched live on the … Read more

Best Automotive Test Light Reviews

People use automotive test light because this tool provides quick action for troubleshooting. For vehicles, a test light is used to evaluate the fuse condition, to find grounds, to check the brake light, to check alternator condition, etc. Why not using a voltmeter or multimeter? A test light is designed with a long sharp piercing … Read more