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A digital level gives you more time saving and convenience. Unlike reading the vial bubble that may contain a reading error, a digital level can tell you exactly that a certain surface is truly level (0°). Not only does it reduce error, but it also speeds up the process of reading. Therefore, many professionals prefer to use this model.

Another advantage of having a digital level is its features such as an alarm, wireless reading, and surely adjustable setting. Indeed, an electronic device would be possible to do these things. It will generate a sound to indicate a level. Wireless reading via Bluetooth lets you put the digital level on a certain surface, then you can read it at a relatively separate place.

Whenever it’s about to choose the best digital level, you can find multiple brands offering digital levels with almost the same features. This makes it pretty daunting to decide which digital level you should prefer and why.

We have brought an overview of the best digital-level tool options to ease the process. You can consider our list of best digital levels to know more details about their features and uses.

This quick overview of each digital level can let you make a better decision in this regard. So, look at each digital level reviewed below to choose the right option.

Stabila electronic digital level
Stabila is one of the leading brands in digital levels. Source: Wikimedia.

Top 11 Best Digital Levels in 2024

Do you want to know about some of the best digital-level options? Here we have reviewed our top choices that you must consider in this regard.

Material Dimension
1. Digi-Pas DWL1500XY
[Most Accurate]
Digi-Pas DWL1500XY The 2 Axis Smart Master Precision Digital Level - Most Precise & AccurateN/AAluminum
5.87 x 2.01 x 1.57
2. Stabila 36524 (24")
Stabila Digital Level 36524 24in with Handgrip Hole14", ‎24", & 48"Aluminum,
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene,
‎4 x 2 x 25Price!
3. Stabila 36520 Type 96M-2 (24")Stabila 36520 Type 96M-2 Electronic Level - Strong Magnet14" & 24"Aluminum24.5 x 4.5 x 3.5Price!
4. BOSCH GIM60 (24")BOSCH GIM60 Digital Level 24 Inch24" & 48"Aluminum24 x 1 x 2.3
5. Calculated Industries 7210 (10")Calculated Industries 7210 AccuMASTER 1010"Alloy Steel, Aluminum, rubber, and metal
10 x 2.25 x 1.25
6. Sola Go LSGOMD (3")
SOLA GO LSGOMD 3-inch Smart Digital Pocket Level with Bluetooth and Magnetic3", 10" & 48"Fiberglass Reinforced and Polyamide
3.15 x 2.17 x 1.06Price!
7. RISEPRO (16")RISEPRO 16-inch Digital Spirit Level16"Aluminum‎17.4 x 2.36 x 1.06Price!
8. Swanson Tool Co SVT200 (9")
Swanson Tool Co SVT200 9-inch Digital Level 9"Plastic9 x 1.57 x 0.79Price!
9. SKIL LV941801 (12")
SKIL LV941801 12-inch Digital Level 12" & 24"Blend13.98 x 2.52 x 1.22Price!
10. Shefio (24")Shefio 2410", 18", & 24"
Aluminum‎23.4 x 3.2 x 3.2

11. M-D Building Products 92296 M-D Building Products 92296 Digital Level 47-1/4 Inches
Aluminum47.31 x 2.38 x 1.13

1. Digi-Pas DWL1500XY – The 2 Axis Smart Master Precision Digital Level [Most Precise & Accurate]

Digi-Pas DWL1500XY The 2 Axis Smart Master Precision Digital Level - Most Precise & Accurate

Digi-pas is a professional machinist precision digital level that has made it easier to level your posts. The days of tedious repetitions of the checking bubble aren’t here anymore. This digital level has made it easier to connect the level with your phone wirelessly and check the level.

Most importantly, leveling a machine with Digi Pas precision digital level has become a convenient one-man operation.


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  • High accuracy and precision
  • Great to use for machinists, etc.
  • This master precision level has significantly reduced the time required to align the machine
  • One man operation
  • It allows you to capture angular data and level readings instantly


  • Although this professional digital level offers higher accuracy, but setting up a mobile connection may take time with some devices.

2. Stabila 36524 Digital Level 24″ [Handgrip Hole]


Stabila Digital Level 36524 24in with Handgrip Hole
Stabila 36524 is equipped with a handgrip which is highly suitable for applications such as builders, masonry, jobs that work with mortar, etc.

Aside from that, this model comes with a double digital display that lets you see the level readings easily, even from the top. The ability to see the reading from the top is important for jobs such as builders and masonry. Moreover, this level has an IP65 rating which means able to withstand water and dust ingress.

This digital and electronic level is available in three different sizes. Aside from this 24″ model (being reviewed here), you can pick the 14-inches or 48 inches model depending on your needs or preference.


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  • Great for builders, masonry, etc
  • Its backlight display makes it very useful in a dark environment.
  • It holds display readings temporarily.


  • The readings of this electronic level may be affected due to high temperatures.

3. Stabila 36520 Type 96M-2 Electronic Level [Strong Magnet]

Stabila 36520 Type 96M-2 Electronic Level - Strong Magnet

Though it doesn’t have a handgrip hole, it’s equipped with a strong magnet. So, it can easily stick to the metal frame if you are using it in construction.

This electric level has a dual display, making it easier to check reading from the top of the digital level. The IP65 rating makes it suitable for professional applications. You can easily see the reading of this electronic level because its display flips when you position it upside down.

Here we have another best digital level from Stabila that’s available in 2 different lengths. You can even get this electronic digital level 14 inches long.


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  • Great to use for construction
  • You can select different modes to level and plumb your posts.
  • Readings are available in metrics and inches.


  • This electronic digital level doesn’t have a handle grip. However, it has a magnetic attachment for metal surfaces.

4. Bosch GIM60 24″ Digital Level

BOSCH GIM60 Digital Level 24 Inch

The brand name Bosch is well-known for its quality. Not only does it make good stuff like laser distance meter but also digital level.

In this position, we award Bosch GIM60 as the next best digital level you have to know. Though it doesn’t provide double reading display, it has an angled display with a backlight for enhanced readability. You can easily use this digital level in dark and difficult-to-level areas. Fortunately, the display can rotate automatically. Even further, you can identify the level with an audible tone.

If you need the longer one, this digital level is also available in 48 inches size. So, you can easily choose the one that suits you better.


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  • This digital level lets you hold or copy the values to transfer that to another location on a job site.
  • You can use it for precise measurements in percent or feet, inches, and degrees.


  • This digital level doesn’t provide you with a top display.

5. Calculated Industries 7210 AccuMASTER 10″ Digital Level

Calculated Industries 7210 AccuMASTER 10

Do you want to buy the best digital level which is suitable to withstand the toughness of any job site? The sturdy aluminum level offers water protection for tough working environments. It has a large, smart, and bright display that inverts automatically when you place the level upside down. Bigger digits on the display screen offer enhanced visibility.


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  • You can use this versatile level as a digital level and inclinometer simultaneously.
  • The V-groove base of this digital level will attach to any surface like pipe, posts, metal fabrication, steel construction framing, etc., easily.


  • This digital level lacks accuracy level adjustability.

6. Sola Go LSGOMD 3″ Smart Digital Level with Bluetooth

SOLA GO LSGOMD 3-inch Smart Digital Pocket Level with Bluetooth and Magnetic

Here is one of the best digital-level tools that offer 3-in-1 functionality. You can find a smart digital level, protractor, and inclinometer in one tool. If you want a higher digital level, consider its 10 inches smart level version.

Most importantly, you can even connect this smart level with your mobile phone via Bluetooth connectivity. It will display the measured values on your mobile screen in real-time. The SOLA Measures App allows you to record data in real-time and add objects such as notes, videos, and photos to your measured value to send.

If you need a magnetic digital level for adjusting the table saw’s bevel angle, the angle cube can be your best choice.


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  • You can measure angles and inclinations with greater precision.
  • The V-groove base allows you to read digits easily in any position.


  • The beep sound of this digital level is inaudible at times.

7. RISEPRO 16″ Digital Spirit Level

RISEPRO 16-inch Digital Spirit Level

RISEPRO digital level offers a wide measuring range. It offers a stronger magnetic attachment with 4 built-in magnets. Moreover, the digital level has a clear and large LCD with a backlight that makes it useful even in the dark application area. The automatic display always offers upright readings, regardless of the protractor placement.


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  • RISEPRO has four magnetic discs to offer strong attachment to metal surfaces.
  • It has two different measurement modes, including Relative and Absolute measurements.


  • This digital level is out by 1/16 of an inch.

8. Swanson Tool Co SVT200 Digital Level

Swanson Tool Co SVT200 9-inch Digital Level

This best digital level has a durable design and comes up with two vials and 3 modes. It shuts off automatically when not in use continuously. This feature keeps the digital level from wasting battery power. You don’t have to rely on the bubbles only to identify an accurate level. This level has an audio alert that can make your job easier.


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  • Higher vial accuracy
  • Straightforward to use


  • Magnets of this digital level aren’t that strong.

9. SKIL LV941801 12″ Digital Level

SKIL LV941801 12-inch Digital Level

Skil offers one of the best digital level tools to make leveling easier. You can use this tool to level different objects. High-contrast blue vials of this level are highly accurate and easier to see. Arrow indicators on the level help you throughout the leveling process for enhanced precision. Auto adjustability sets screen orientation based on how you hold it. You could read the screen both from above and side view.


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  • You can use its hold feature to freeze the value for easier pickup and view.
  • It has a memory feature to store up to 10 values and reference those later.


  • Nice leveling features, but the size is bigger for some applications.

10. Shefio 24″ Professional Digital Magnetic Level

Shefio 24

Do you want the best digital level that works efficiently for multiple applications? Here is a versatile digital level that you can use for anything from construction projects to home DIY projects. This remarkably accurate digital magnetic level allows you to achieve the right level every time.

Anyone can use this digital level from contractors to hobbyists for professional results.


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  • This digital level has an easy-to-read and brightly illuminated display.
  • Audible indicators can tell you about the accuracy level even from a distance.


  • Change increments of this digital level are smaller

11. M-D Building Products 92296 Digital Level

M-D Building Products 92296 Digital Level

MD Building SmartTool is an amazing digital level that offers precision in leveling and plumbing. Its multi-mode button allows you to see readings in three different ways. These include pitch, percent slope, or degrees. It operates based on a standard 9-volt battery. Most importantly, it has an automatic shut-off feature that shuts the digital level off for continuous 5 minutes of inactivity.


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  • You can use the hold button to measure the level in areas where the digital display isn’t visible.
  • It also has an audible audio level feature for enhanced convenience.


  • Works accurately only for temperatures above 40 degrees.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Level

To experience enhanced accuracy and precision in everything you do, it’s imperative to choose the best tool. However, if you don’t know the key factors to consider for choosing the best digital level, this buying guide would definitely help you.

1. Dynamic Level Checking

The digital level is suitable for dynamic leveling. You must choose one that offers dynamic level checking features. It must allow you to check and record real-time measurements. So, you can easily carry out recorded data for further analysis and acquisitions.

2. Display Screen with Backlight

The display screen is another important factor that plays a vital role in digital levels. Choosing a digital level with one colored TFT screen is always better. Such screens can offer you a crisp display in almost any lighting condition.

3. Connectivity Options

In most cases, digital levels have PC or mobile connectivity features in-built. However, some of these units are available with Bluetooth connectivity as well. You must see the connectivity options offered on a digital level for a better option. These modern digital levels provide leveling with high precision, accuracy, clarity, and effectiveness. The models are equipped with a lower frequency and enhanced versatility.

4. High Precision

Digital levels available at present are providing different precision levels. You should prefer choosing a digital level with 2 axes high precision feature. This practice will help you to experience higher resolution. With some advanced digital levels, you can measure up to .0002°.

Final Thoughts

Digipas Digital Level for Professionals
DWL-3500XY (lower left corner); DWL-8500XY (lower right corner), DWL-80Pro (upper left corner); DWL-280Pro (upper right corner). Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Among the types of leveling tools, the digital level is considered the best choice for speed, convenience, and accuracy, and precision. It instantly displays the reading, even send the reading wirelessly, lets you easily calibrate the zero reading at any angle you want, sometimes it features a rotating display, and easy to read in dimmed room.

When you are installing a table, putting the level on the top and adjust the table legs. Without a wireless reading digital level, you have to adjust and check the level back and forth.

Overall, those are the best digital level options to fulfill your needs. However, if you want more precise recommendations, here are our top 3 picks to consider.

Digi-Pas DWL1500XY is the best machinist digital level suitable for machine workshops. It comes with great precision. Digi-pas is a great brand to go for when you need a trusted digital level. Other models you might be interested to check out are Digipas DWL-8500XY (bluetooth), DWL-3500XY, DWL-80Pro (pocket-size), and DWL-280Pro (torpedo digital level with IP67 certified rating).

If you think Digi-Pas is too expensive for your project, these analog machinist levels may suit you.

Do you want to get a versatile digital level that is appropriate to use in multiple applications? Stabila 36524 (24″) is what you should consider in this regard.

At the same time, if affordability, reliability, and versatility are your choices, then simply choose Stabila 36520 Type 96M-2. It is always better to determine your needs before choosing a digital level to make the right choice.

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