Best Tape Measure with Fractions

Are you looking for the best tape measure with fractions? There are a significant number of tape measures available for sale on the market, but which ones that are good and come with fractional reading? Here you can check out our choices and save your time.

A tape measure comes with a reading system. It can be imperial (inch, feet, etc) or metric (cm, mm, etc). Aside from those readings, a tape measure can appear with fractional reading. For those working as woodworkers, this reading is a nice thing because they tend to use fractions more in their measurements. So, having a fractional tape measure is such a beautiful gift. Other jobs also prefer fractional reading and this tape model should be their choices.

There are a lot of brands offering their innovative fractional tape measures such as Komelon, Stanley, etc. Beside the fractional reading, they offer high quality blade, self lock system, ergonomic hand grip, note pad, white colored blade for easy reading, magnetic hook, durable hook, etc. Well, this extra feature can benefit your job.

Here, we provide you with several choices of the best tape measure with fractions in 2023.

tape measure with fractions
Tape measure with fractional reading

Top 9 Best Tape Masure with Fractions 2023

1. Komelon SM5425 Tape Measure with Fractions [Best Overall]

best tape measure with fractions

It was in 1999 Komelon entered the market by releasing the Gripper. It was available with a revolutionary design. Gladly, now the company is able to create an innovative design. One of the ideas is by adding the Speed mark to the blade.

Other than that, this fractional tape measure comes with an easy grip. The jacket is thick made of rubber with a compact case and ergonomic design. The blade for the Gripper speed mark comes with acrylic coating. Also, the tool has fractional graduations on the blade. Therefore, it is easy and quick to read.



  • Durable
  • End hook protection
  • Easy to extend
  • Easy to read
  • Great markings and good tape design


  • You may need a little effort to trigger the retraction by using one hand.

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2. FastCap-PSSR25 Tape Measure with Fractions

You can take this option as one of the best tape measures with fractions. Featured with Fastpad, the tool is great for jotting down measurements. Also, it offers a compact design with a rubber boot that protects the tape. Even more, the belt clip is ergonomic along with the built-in sharpener.

Additionally, there are many features available. It comes with a notepad you can erase. The width of the blade for the tape is one inch. Also, there is a nose clip four rivets that will support you do your daily activity.



  • Good for construction
  • Provides neat features
  • Very handy

3.  Komelon SL2925 Tape Measure with Fractions

This tape measure comes with the self-lock feature. It is a unique tape measure that has a self-locking system. This mechanism lets the blade so it can extend smoothly. Even there is a push-button release to offer complete control when you are retracting that blade.

Additionally, the company designed it with printed fractional graduations. The function is to make it easy to read. So, you will have accurate measurements. This measuring tool is the choice for the pro.



  • Great locking mechanism
  • Push-button feature
  • Durable
  • Easy to read

4. Vinca TPMA-25 Fractional Tape Measures

What makes this product is one of the best options is because the blade lock is so powerful. The blade lock can hold the blade steadily. Also, the blade is durable that helps you measure every object accurately. This is the ideal choice for a carpenter, handyman, woodworkers, metal workers, and architects.

Additionally, the cover has an anti-shock rubber design. This is the reason why it has high-quality. The rubber cover works to protect the tape. So, it will not easily break when you drop it accidentally. Interestingly, there is a wrist strap with a strong design. Also, the presence of a belt clip can help you to prevent dropping the tool.

You can find the finger stop button underneath. It works to stop the blade at anytime you want. This is an important feature to protect your finger. Therefore, it can be your option if you need the best fractional tape measure.



  • The blade lock has a powerful design
  • Measure accurately
  • Nylon coated blade design for more durable
  • Quality rubber cover
  • Retraction protection button for protecting your finger

5. Lufkin Crescent QRL625MP Tape with Vertical Fractions

This tape measure has graduations printed in decimal equivalent. This is what you need if you look for a tape measure with a vertical fraction. So, it helps you read the measurement faster.

Also, the tape measure has an over-mold case. The function is to protect the tape. It also works to make you easily grip it. Other than that, it comes with a toggle lock. You can find it at the top of the tape. So, you do not have to re-slide it to lock.

Other features in this tool are the end hook comes with extra durable design. You will also love the ergonomic design for the case. It offers a better fit when you use it to measure things.

This is what you need if you seek the best tape measure. It offers a basic tape but the incredible features make it perfect. It is what you must have for its durability. The markings can last more, thanks to the blade coating with the full-length design.



  • Quick measurement reading
  • Easy to grip
  • No slide first to lock
  • Extra durable end hook
  • Ergonomic design for the case


  • For those who look for a fractional tape measure with feet, yards, and others, this is not for you.

6. Vantakool Fractional Tape Measure

Next, you can take this tape measure as your choice. There are some great things about this tool. The company explained that they want to create the case so it is as small as possible. Even though it does not have a flat back, but it can offer the widest point. So, this tool is one but for everything such as a metal tub.

The tape measure design is solid. The tape looks sturdy and durable. In fact, it offers both centimeters and inches that can help you. If this is your first experience to use this tape measure, you may need more time to use the auto-lock function.


  • The tape will stay out unless you push the button so it will retrieve the tape back.
  • Good quality

7. Craftsman Fractional Tape Measure

Move on this best tape measure, CRAFTSMAN offers accurate and fast measurements. The tool offers a self-lock feature. It lets the blades to stay automatically in a locked position. Once you have completed your measurement, you can press the button. So, it will retract the tape.

The company explained the auto-locking feature supports smooth and comfortable retraction. This is what you need so there is no hook slam occurs. For this reason, the tape is easy to use and it is durable. Even better, the printed fractions are on the blade. Therefore, it is easy to measure things. Well, this is the ideal choice for DIYers and homeowners.



  • A self-locking blade that stays automatically
  • You can lock the blade for extra tension
  • Printed fraction offers quick and accurate measurement
  • Rubber over-mold to offer extra grip

8. Stanley Magnetic Tip Measure Tape with Fractions

Take this as your alternative choice when you think that you have some reasons not to go with the previous options. This is a tape measure with a magnetic tip and lock system. It is what you need to have accurate reading measurements at ease.

To use, it is simple. You just have to mark down the measurements on the label. After that, you can use the magnetic tip. The tip works to secure the tape on any metal objects.

One of the best features of this tool is the blade lock that works automatically. It can hold the blade to stay in its place securely. The presence of a frictionless base is perfect so it can protect the work surface.



  • Powerful blade with anti-glare design
  • Auto blade lock
  • Write on the label

9. Kutir Magnetic Tape Measure with Fractions

For carpenters, handymen, and builders, Kutir tape measure is the right choice. It is a popular choice for professionals. The reason is due to the magnetic end with powerful performance. It makes the tape stays perfectly. So, you can measure everything accurately and allow you to work independently.

Additionally, it comes with a chrome finish magnet end. The goal is to prevent any rusting problems. On the other hand, the measuring blade is from stainless steel. It is no wonder about the durability of the blade.

There are some features are available in this product. First, the product has a shock-absorbent case. This case is important to protect the tool. So, it is good enough to support its durability after you drop it accidentally.

Interestingly, the company designed it with bold numbers. This is good to keep it easy to read. The measurement indicators also support you to have an accurate measurement. Overall, if you are looking for a tape measure with fractions, then this can your choice.



  • Chrome finish magnet end
  • Accurate measurement
  • Shock absorbent case
  • Bold numbers

Fractional Tape Measure Buying Guide

After reading all the choices about fractional tape measures, it can be confusing to choose. Well, the options offer unique features. Therefore, we provide a buying guide. Since it is hard to decide, we hope this buying guide can help.

1. Know your needs

As you know that it is good to know about what you need. Are you using the tape measure for the simple thing? Or, do you need this tape measure for a professional field? Well, it is important to decide. If you need one of the best tape measures with fractions above, learn about the product carefully.

For example, some people like to go with laser fractional tape measure. It is because the tool looks more modern, convenient, and easy to use. But, the price can be quite expensive. So, if you just need a tape measure that works for simple things such as small DIY, then go with the simple one.

2. Check the price

It is always important to check the price before considering buying the tape measure for your needs. If possible, you should do this before even searching for the products you need. For example, when you have a plan to buy a tape measure, set the budget first. It is good to help you decide the right product for your needs. You will not spend too much.

3. Compare the products

Next, you should compare the products you want to buy. Once you have set the budget, make sure that you have some different products to review. Eliminate each of them until you can find the right choice.

There are many ways you can do to do this. For example, you can create a list of the product with similar features. After that, write down the price for each of the products. Make it effective by reading real customer reviews. This is important so you can find the real experience from each customer about the product.

4. Learn more about the product

It is good to know more about the product you have chosen. For example, the feature, the design, the material, the pros, and the cons are what you need to know. The better you know, the less regret you will experience in the future.

5. Check the warranty

You are about buying this product and spending your money on that. Therefore, it is good to ask the seller. Ask the seller whether they provide the warranty or not.

Additionally, do not hesitate to ask more. For example, you should ask the seller about the policy if the product is far from the product description you expect. Talk to the seller first about things related to the product. This can help you if you have a problem with the product in the future.

6. Who is the seller

Well, we provide you many options above, but truly we do not have any responsibility for the product you bought. If in the future, there is a problem with the product, we are here just to give you a recommendation for the product.

Therefore, it is good to know more about the seller. Again, you can learn it by reading customer reviews. Some online shops provide real customer reviews. So, this is a helpful source to learn more about how the seller serves the customers.

Those are all things you should know about things to consider before buying a fractional measuring tape. This is important to read that will make you find the right product. You want a product with high quality, good features, and a reasonable price. Therefore, make sure that you can follow our guide.


fractional tape measure
Tape measure blade with fractional reading

So, that is all about the products we have compiled here. Hopefully, our article can help you decide. Make sure that you select fractional tape measure carefully. Spend your time more by reading more reviews about the product you want to buy. This is a helpful way to check that you are buying a product that meets your expectations.

Best tape measure with fractions is available in many options. There are many features, designs, and prices to offer. You can choose based on your needs. Even you can choose based on the features or the price that fits your budget plan.

When it comes to a tape measure, it is better to read the buying guide. It helps you buy carefully. We give you some advice so you can find the right product by following our buying guide. Remember that not all tape measures have the same features. Some are in inches, and others may come in centimeters. Since you will buy online, make sure that you read the complete product description. If you still have a question about the product, do not hesitate to ask the buyer.

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