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Setting a grade for any construction project generally requires a survey instrument. However, you can also set elevations with a simple string line level. Property owners, contractors, and landscapers usually need to set elevation grades on their land. Elevation grades layout is vital to provide drainage away from your building. This helps in avoiding pond areas on any property.

Fortunately, a simple string level tool can easily help you find the level across a pretty long distance.

A string level is hung between two posts or stakes in a stretching position to check level across a long distance. You will pull the string taut, while the hanging level on the string will help check the level long distances. String line levels are an efficient and quick solution to level two distant posts adequately.

Any traditional level will make you take multiple measurements for ensured accuracy. However, this simple and small instrument can keep you from taking measurements multiple times. This will let you quickly check the level with higher accuracy.

Top 10 Best String Line Levels in 2023

However, when it comes to checking the distant grades efficiently and accurately, it’s important to choose the best string level. Here in this guide, we will let you know some of the best string-level options to consider.

1. Irwin Tools 1794483 ABS String Line Level [Best Overall]

You can use any strong string to use this best string level by IRWIN accurately. It works amazingly to establish grading levels in multiple scenarios. This tool will keep you from transiting to multiple tools to check the level of distant posts. You can easily use the IRWIN line level to complete this job.

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  • High-impact ABS construction makes it a highly durable tool to have for anyone.
  • The small size of this string line level makes it easier to transmit and store.


  • It works accurately, but your string needs to be tight.

2. Johnson Level & Tool 555 Aluminum String Line Level

Here we have another best string level ideal for every handymen toolbox. The hexagonal aluminum line level features great strength. Due to this, you can easily use it in any harsh job condition. This aluminum level has a light construction to reduce line sag significantly. Ultimately, you will have an accurate level reading every time.

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  • The construction of this line level is pretty durable.
  • Unrestricted hooks allow you to move the level freely over the string.


  • The size is quite small.

3. IRWIN 1794484 Aluminum String Line Level

IRWIN 1794484 Aluminum string level is a professional-grade, compact and small-level tool. When buying the best string level, do you demand superior quality, higher accuracy, and affordability? Then this is the right string level for you to choose.

This compact and small line level is just 3-inches long in size. However, its easy-to-read vials are highly readable from a distance. Moreover, the durable open hooks will make it easier to slide the level on line or string for ensured accuracy and précised leveling.

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  • Although this is an inexpensive aluminum line level, it provides higher accuracy in checking grades.
  • The line level is made of aluminum, so your toolbox will have a great-quality line level.


  • The cylinder of the level may slide freely. So, you need to keep it carefully.

4. Swanson Tool Co LLA001 Compact 4″ Aluminum Line Level

Swanson’s heavy-duty, compact aluminum line level has open hooks to make it slide freely over the string. This will make it easier to move around and provide accurate leveling information.

This is a highly suitable aluminum line level for beginners and professionals simultaneously. The highly visible coating of this line level makes it easier to check the level of your post with any level of light. Above all, the lightweight and composite construction of the Swanson tool makes it travel-friendly. V-groove of this aluminum string level makes it highly suitable for conduit and pipe use. So, you can easily check the grade of your drainage to level it in a better way.

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  • The aluminum casing of the Swanson line level is highly appreciable due to its durability.
  • The lightweight design of the line level makes it highly portable and easier to store when not in use.


  • The Swanson line level may fall off the line easily; it needs improving hooks grip.

5. Stanley 42-287 Aluminum Line Level

Stanley line level is available in an aluminum construction. Due to this, it is highly durable and reliable. You can easily use it for years with care. It also has special hang hooks that make the line level slide freely for precise positioning.

It offers easier readability. You can also determine the post level from a distance due to its enhanced readability feature.

Most importantly, this string line level has a flat base. The flat base of this level makes it more suitable for surface leveling. This can be a fine pick for you if you need multiple line levels because it comes with a pack of aluminum string line levels.

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  • Stanley aluminum string line level is durable.
  • You will get 3-line levels in one pack, making your purchase more affordable overall.


  • This Stanley aluminum line level is 180-degree readable only.

6. Stabila STB404479 Plastic Line Level

Stabila STB404479 string line level has two hooks. You can easily attach this line level to builder’s lines via these hooks. The brand has made it using its proven reliable technology. Due to this, you can use this line level in numerous applications for enhanced precision.

Moreover, the lightweight construction of the Stabila plastic line makes it super convenient to use and carry around. Most importantly, you can easily hook it in your toolbox for efficient storage and transit. It ensures a high-performance level for both tradesmen and home use.

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  • This little string line level does its job effectively despite its smaller size.
  • It is highly suitable use for professionals and hobbyists.


  • It sometimes falls offline.

7. Kapro 440-08 String Line Level

You can use this single line level on a string to measure the grades of distant poles or posts. Landscaping is another effective application of the kapro line level. The groove in its base allows you to keep it stable when leveling round posts. The line level is made of molded acrylic, which makes it durable. The sensitivity rating of the Kapro line level is 0.001″/inch.

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  • The vial of this line level is easier to read.
  • Unrestricted hooks of this string line level ensure easier adjustment.


  • The size of this string line level is smaller than others.

8. 5PCS Hanging Line Level String Line Level

Here we have another best string level which is available in horizontal style. Its black lines on the bubble help in precision centering. Moreover, the clear transparent fluorescent string level is easier to read from all sides.

You can use it for a variety of applications. For example, you can use this to a level hanging frame to perform a straight survey at any construction site. This is a highly versatile string line level you must have in your tool bag.

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  • The availability of 5 pieces in one package makes it more affordable.
  • You can use this string level with hanging spirit level whenever needed.


  • The plastic clip may break off soon.

9. ZRM&E 8pcs Mini Rope Bubble Level

This bubble string level has a lightweight structure that keeps it from line sag. Ultimately, you can expect to have a better accuracy rate. This multi-purpose string level works amazingly in multiple applications. You can easily use these anywhere from bricklaying to tiling and more. Using ABS and acrylic materials at the string level makes it highly durable, lightweight, and reliable. You can even use it with a spirit level if needed.

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  • These mini string bubble levels are easier to read.
  • Molded hooks make these easier to hang.


  • Bubbles may work wrongly at times.

10. Dowell Hanging Bubble Line Level

Dowell hanging bubble line level is a highly useful and multi-purpose string level. You can use it in bricklaying, guttering, plumbing, etc. This is an effective tool that helps in measuring angle balance. It has bubbles made of ABS material that help you with a clear and precise reading. Moreover, the Fluorescence feature makes it suitable for dark places.

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  • The hanging clip makes this line level easier to attach to your pocket when working.
  • The bubbles of the Dowell hanging line lever are easier to read.


  • The plastic casing of this line level feels cheap.

Buying Guide to Get the Best String Line Level

Before spending your hard-earned bucks on any string level tool, it’s important to learn how to choose the best string level. This practice will help you get the best string level worthy of your investment. Although the fact string level is a small tool, there are things that you must consider while buying a string level.

Do you want to know the factors you should consider to buy the best string level? Let’s look at the following aspects to understand things better in this regard.

1. Performance

When buying a string level, performance is a key consideration to choose the best. The performance can be determined to see if the string level meets your expectations or not. Moreover, the best string level has to be accurate and give you higher visibility even from a distance.

So, it is always better to check a string’s accuracy rate and performance consistency before buying it. For this case, you can check the reviews of string level anywhere on the web before choosing it.

2. Quality

Not all string levels are made the same. Some string levels are made of plastic, while others with aluminum and ABS construction. Arguably, aluminum string levels are better because they provide enhanced durability and shock resistance than plastic. However, string levels with durable plastic construction can also work reliably. Whatever material of a string level you choose, ensure that it will last with you for longer.

3. Functionality

The functionality of a string level is another key factor to consider. It is always important to prefer a string level that works as advertised. Otherwise, there will be no reason to spend your hard-earned money on a string level.

4. Value for Money

Although price isn’t the only factor in choosing the best string level. However, it is one of the factors you should consider while choosing the best string level. Firstly, the string level doesn’t need to be expensive to perform well. Adequately priced string levels are also efficient enough to perform different jobs.

Above all, it is also highly important to determine whether your chosen string level is worth the money you’re spending or not.

Along with all the above mentioned things, you must consider your needs. Determine why you need to buy a string level or for which application you want to get it.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed some of the best string-level options you can consider buying. However, if you want to buy a more durable string level, we recommend getting IRWIN Tools 1794483 Line Level. This string level has sturdy ABS construction, making it suitable for years to come.

Do you want to get a string level that’s suitable for every application and every skill level? Johnson Level & Tool 555 Aluminum Line Level would be your preferable solution. You can easily use this strong line level for any working condition. On the other hand, if you prefer affordability and accuracy simultaneously, you can invest in IRWIN 1794484 Aluminum Line Level. For more similar suggestions, you must look at our detailed product overviews above.

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