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Simply, a tape measure holder is an accessory to temporarily store your tape measure while working. When it’s not being used, you can store it in your holder. It’s commonly placed around the waist by hooking it on your pocket or belt. In some cases, the holder comes with slots where the belt weaves through it.

Because it’s around the waist which is close to your hand, it permits the process of storing and grabbing the tape measure to become so much quicker. You could put in and pull out the tape quickly whenever you need it.

Woodworker, carpenter, contractor, electrician, and many other jobs that deal with a tape measure are recommended to have this one at least a unit.

Tape measure holders can be made from leather, polyester, nylon, etc. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them provide more space or pockets to let other tools such as pen, hammer, ax, small notes, etc to be stored together. While some just provide a pouch or clip. You could decide which one you need based on your working situation.

Tape measure requires a holder to keep it organized
Tape measure requires a holder to keep it organized

If you stop by on this page, we are sure that you are looking for your new tape measure holder. By means of our selection below, you could scan them and pick up your own best tape measure holder.

Top 10 Best Tape Measure Holder Reviews 2023

1. Dewalt DG5173 Multiple Pockets Tape Measure Holder [Best Overall]

best tape measure holder

The overall best tape measure holder of our version is Dewalt DG5173. This tape measure holder allows you to store multiple tools just in a place and you can carry them anywhere you want. You could secure in there many things such as flashlight, pliers, screwdriver, pencils, cutters, and most importantly the tape measure.

Made from ballistic polyester which is a type of synthetic fabric that provides fast drying and abrasion-resistant properties, this tape measure holder would be durable to hold on several tools, gives necessary protection, and lasts longer.

It’s important to know that this holder needs you to install it on your belt. Make sure your belt is 2.75″ in maximum width to accommodate it. In the case of the tape measure, it comes with a steel clip. Simply clip the tape measure onto it. Surely, this model lets you clip and pull out super quickly.

Dewalt DG5173 tape measure holder is one that we highly recommend. There are lots of folks that have bought this one and feel happy with it. You could see by yourself how high the rating is due to consumer satisfaction. Sorry to say that this stuff will not rob your bank.



  • Store multiple tools
  • Durable; abrasion-resistant
  • Versatile; suit any tape measure
  • Affordable


  • The clip may break

2. Klein Tools 5707 Cordura Nylon Tape Measure Holder

Even though this is just a simple tape measure holder that consists of a clip and loop, it’s actually amazing. What makes this the best so that we put it on this list is its simplicity, durability, and versatility.

Firstly, it’s made from Cordura nylon. Cordura nylon is tough. Even, it’s well-known tougher than polyester. In addition, it’s lightweight, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, scuff resistant, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant.

Secondly, it comes with a clip to hook the tape which means it will suit any tape measure as long as the clip of the tape is not too big for this. The clip makes it easy to hook and pull out the tape.

Klein Tools 5707 should be your choice when you don’t intend to bring a lot of tools around your waist. This is very simple yet highly durable.



  • Durable
  • Suits many tape measure
  • Affordable


  • Slightly bend if the tape is too weight

3. Custom Leathercraft 464 Heavy Duty Measuring Tape Holder

As the name suggests, this one is made of leather that will enrich your choices. Don’t overlook the leather. It’s thick and tough.

In this case, your tape measure is not expected to be clipped but purely held. They’re equipped with a snap to cover the tape measure. This functions well if your tape is relatively small in the pouch. So, it will keep the tape in place and not easily slip out.

This tape measure holder supports the belts that have 3.75inch in maximum width. As the number is telling, it should suit most belts you are using. Moreover, the pouch can accommodate from 25″ standard Stanley to 35″ Fatmax Stanley tape measure. The smaller the tape, the chance is more room inside. More room means it would wiggle a bit when moving around.



  • Looks good due to the leather
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • A small tape (16″) would wiggle

4. Klein Tools 5196 Leather Tape Measure Holder

Klein Tools 5196 tape measure holder comes in three different sizes. As we discover, the large size is intended to secure tape measures that have a size ranging from typical 25″ to 30″ tape measure.

This holder will secure tightly on your belt no matter how hard you pull out the tape measure from its place, no matter the position of your body during the work due to the belt slot. These slots are meant to support any belt that has a width up to 2.5inch.

Similar to Custom Leathercraft above, it comes with a snap to hold in place the tape measure. This is good to secure a small tape measure inside in order it doesn’t move out. In the case of the 30″ tape, there is no doubt it secures in a perfect way.



  • Leather
  • Secure tightly


  • Not for all size of tape measure

5. Pocket Hitch Metal Clip Measuring Tape Holder

This is a heavy-duty made-in-USA tape measure clip holder that will bring happiness into your heart. Not only does it hold your tape measure, but it’s also incredibly awesome. The leather looks really solid, rigid, thick, sturdy, well-manufactured, and long-lasting.

It suits heavy-duty tape measures such as 25″ Fatmax Stanley. It’s great to use for a work that needs lots of tape measure mounting-and-unmounting and the clip still won’t break. Most importantly, it won’t break your jeans pant’s pocket if you install it onto your pocket. But we recommend hooking this holder onto your belt for greater grip.



  • Beautiful leather handcraft
  • Suits most tape measures
  • Rigid
  • Easy to install on the belt or jean’s pocket


  • Only hook one tool (tape measure)

6. Occidental Leather 5046 Clip-On Tape Holster

If you are in search of a tape measure holder for your 25″ Stanley Fatmax tape measure or alike, then this can be your choice.  The 25″ Stanley Fatmax will fit snugly on the holder’s pouch. If needed, you could get rid of the tape’s clip in order to secure it more properly.

It’s equipped with a clip at the backside of the holder which is designed longer for a deeper and greater grip. When it’s hooked on the belt or pocket, it’s supposed to not easily clip off when you pull out the tape measure.

However, the drawback of this holder seems obvious. If your tape measure is thinner or bigger than the 25″ Fatmax, the chance is the tape measure will easily take off and that’s terrible. Hence, make sure you have checked out the size of your tape measure. Overall, this is a great holder.



  • Beautiful leather
  • Easy to hook on belt or pant’s pocket
  • Fits snugly for certain tape measure


  • Only limited tape measure that fits into the pouch
  • No snap

7. Hide & Drink Large Measure Tape Holster

When the first time we discover this holder, we are amazed because of its high rating which is almost 5 stars. Soon we realize that the leather quality is one of the reasons. It looks great and durable.

Like other holders, this is the essential stuff that you need when keep working along the time with measurement. Simply put your belt through the holder’s slot/loop and left it there all day. Make sure your belt is no more than 2.25inch in width.

The position of the holder will not too low in this case. So, it won’t really wave when you move wildly. In addition, you can easily put out the tape because the access is close and quick.

It fits tape measures that possess a dimension of 3.5″ in length x 3.5″ in depth x 1.75″ in thickness as advertised by the brand. However, many reported that it suits 25″ Fatmax tape measure which has 2 inches more in thickness.



  • Awesome leather
  • Durable


  • Suits some tape measures only
  • No snap

8. ToughBuilt TB-CT-25 Tape Measure Holder for Electrician

When you need simplicity and quick access to grab the tape measure, the clip will do the job for you. It behaves the same way when it comes to hooking the holder. It makes the holder easy to be hooked and safely taken it around.

In addition, ToughBuilt TB-CT-25 is designed with several pockets that you could use to store screws, wire nuts, etc and the slots to hang on screwdrivers, etc. It seems very clear that this holder should be suitable for the electrician.

If you have a 35″ Fatmax Stanley tape measure, the pouch is enough to accommodate it. We don’t recommend this for a small tape measure because it will wiggle when you move a lot. Even it can come out.

All in all, this multiple pocket tape measure holder is great to buy for electricians that need to carry their tape measure along with other electrical pieces of equipment on their belt during the work. It’s also lightweight due to the polyester. So carrying the tools doesn’t sense as weight as we may think of.



  • Great for electrician
  • Comes with several pockets and slots
  • Lightweight


  • No snap to cover the tape

9. Cabinetmaker’s Sidekick Tape Measure Clip & Marker Holster

For woodworkers, a tape measure is their essential tool for everyday measurement. It’s able to support long measurements yet retractable. And as an important part of woodworking, they have to be carried around all day long.

This tape measure holder will carry the woodworker’s tape measure around along with the pencil together. Whenever they need to use the tape, they can easily take it off from the clip and do the measurement.

This clip-on tape measure holder provides a tunnel where your belt goes through. This feature will not tear your belt. Also, this way allows the holder to keep in place securely while the tape measure is hooked on the stainless steel clip.



  • Supports most tape measure due to the clip
  • Easy and quick grab


  • A bit pricey

10. Holstery TapeMaster Tactical Tape Measure Holder

This Holstery product is another super simple tape measure holder that we collect here. As you could see, it’s simple and small. You only need to clip this holder onto your belt and clip the tape measure onto this holder. Whenever you need it, you can easily hook it.

Because of the clip, this one will fit whatever your belt size is. Moreover, you are not required to weave it through your belt anymore. You just need to clip it and forget it. Even you could clip it on your pants as long as it’s thick enough.

It’s made of Kydex which means durability. Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials according to Wikipedia. It’s not surprising when we know it’s a bit pricey. Overall, this is recommended if concern about durability.



  • Suitable for most tapes
  • Durable
  • Simple


  • Pretty pricey

Tape Measure Holder Buying Guide

1. The Way the Tape Secured

It could be secured in a pouch or a clip. A pouch means like a pocket. There is a cover on the top. The tape measure will be put into the pouch, and the cover will keep it on there from coming out. While the clip is the metal clip where you hook the tape measure on there.

Which one is recommended? We see both of them are good. That should be based on your preference. The clip provides a quick grab. While the pouch is more secure.

2. Pocket Size

As we know that tape measure varies based on size. If the pouch-like tape measure holder only provides a certain space, the chance is not any kind of tape measure can be put in there. If it’s too spacy, then the small tape measures will not sit there calmly and even come out.

However, it doesn’t matter when it comes to the clip model. You just need to hook no matter the size because all clips are commonly the same size. However, it could still dance.

3. Holder Material

You could choose from the option available: leather, nylon, and polyester. Neither of them is perfect. Each one has specific benefits and downsides.

When you are considering the material, you are actually paying attention to the durability of the holder. In addition to the durability, you pay attention to protection. Some models can protect from water even though not really protected. Find the one that can last longer so you can save time and money.

4. Fits your Belts

It means how it fits most belts. The belt will wrap it through the tunnel. In this case, the tunnel should have sufficient width to provide a sufficient path to the belt. The best way, in this case, is to choose the clip model. No matter your belt size, it will fit nicely.


A tape measure holder is a nice tool to assist you in working. The small job that it does really helps us in accomplishing our work in a smart way. This holder also saves the tape measure from fall apart, prevents us from buying the broken tape again. So, this is actually a great investment. In addition, it costs really cheap.

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