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Levels and plumbs are important for many home-improvement projects. Post level is one of the vial based levelling tools that you need to use at times. Post levels ensure that your vertical spaces are plumb and horizontal surfaces are level. You can use post levels to see the level of a countertop and shelf. At the same time, it can also let you see if a post or wall is plumb.

Although post levels are a simple tool, they are still efficient. You can commonly find a post level in every construction worker, tradesman, or DIY enthusiast homeowner’s bag.

Post levels are the handiest tool to use to level posts, pipes, poles, railings, etc., and plumb. Choosing the right post level is important to make the most out of this tool. However, with the availability of numerous post levels, it can be difficult to select the right post level. There exist a wide range of post-level brands. These generally range from Johnson to IRWIN and a lot more.

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Top 10 Best Post Levels in 2024

Although there are several post-level tools available out there. However, here we have brought some of the best options below. Let’s learn more about these post levels below to make a more informed decision.

ProductPicturesMaterial DimensionsStylePrice???
1. Johnson Level & Tool post and pipe levelJohnson Level & Tool 175-O Orange Post & Pipe Level - Best OverallABS Molded Plastic & Rubber4 x 5 x 9 inchesMulti-purpose, MagneticPrice!
2. IRWIN Tools Magnetic Post LevelIrwin Tools 1794482 Magnetic Post LevelPlastic5.51 x 8.66 x 3.15 inchesMagnetic
3. Kapro 340-08D Magnetic post levelKapro 340 Postrite Post Level - Adjustable Folding Post Level - For Use on Posts and Pipes - Includes Strap and 3 Vials - MagneticPlastic7.5 x 5.12 x 1.12 inchesPostrite, MagneticPrice!
4. DRAPER Post LevelDraper 75042 Rigid Post Level, BlueAlloy Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Plastic0.39 x 3.07 x 4.76 inchesMagnetic, HorizontalPrice!
5. Stanley 0-47-720 Post-Level magneticStanley 0-47-720 Post Level magnetic, Yellow/BlackPlastic7.09 x 1.1 x 6.14 inchesPortable, MagneticPrice!
6. Swanson Tool Wood MagnetSwanson Tool T04424 Wood MagnetWood, Rubber, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene8 x 3.75 x 2.38 inchesSquare, MagneticPrice!
7. AdirPro Snap On Grade Rod LevelAdirPro Snap On Grade Rod Level for Round or Square Rods - Portable Horizontal Bubble for Tower Ruler, Right Angle 90 Degree Level- 40-Minute Sensitivity (Orange)Aluminum4 x 1.5 x 2.5 inchesSquare, Standard
8. AdirPro Aluminum Grade Rod LevelAdirPro Aluminum Grade Rod Level, Adjustable Laser Level Tool With 40-Minute Sensitivity (Orange)Aluminum5.5 x 2.1 x 2.2 inchesPortable, Heavy Duty, LaserPrice!
9. Task T58058 Magnetic Post LevelTask T58058 Adjustable Magnetic Post Level, BlackAcrylic7 x 5.25 x 1.13 inchesMagneticPrice!
10. Performance Tool W5703 folding levelPerformance Tool 1528 Post and Corner Level - Accurately Measure Angles on Posts, Corners, and More with this Durable ToolN/A4.9 x 2.1 x 3.5 inchesMagneticPrice!

1. Johnson Level & Tool 175-O Post Level [Best Overall]

Johnson Level & Tool 175-O Orange Post & Pipe Level - Best Overall

Johnson’s post and pipe level have a multi-purpose design that makes it suitable for different handymen tasks. The post level has a compact design and a strong molded body, making it highly durable. This is the handiest tool for plumbing and leveling applications with different posts.

The pipe level has a reflective backing for improved vial visibility. So, you can easily use this post level to work uninterruptedly, even in dark sites.



  • Johnson pipe level is also ideal to use in the low-light area.
  • The rubber strap allows the hands-free application.
  • The three-way level can make aligning posts easier.


  • Rubber strip quality isn’t that good.

2. IRWIN Tools Magnetic Post Level [Magnetic & Rubber Strip]

Irwin Tools 1794482 Magnetic Post Level

This is a multi-purpose post level that has both magnetic and rubber strips. Due to the availability of magnetic and rubber straps, you can easily use them on virtually any surface with added convenience. This Irwin level lets you plumb and level posts, pipes, railings, polls, etc. You can see its easy-to-read vials from a distance.



  • You can use a rubber strap for hands-free application.
  • The molded frame makes it more durable post-level.


  • The embedded magnets of Irwin post level aren’t strong.

3. Kapro 340-08D Post Level (Magnetic, Adjustable Strap, & Foldable)

Kapro 340 Postrite Post Level - Adjustable Folding Post Level - For Use on Posts and Pipes - Includes Strap and 3 Vials - Magnetic


Kapro 340-08d has 3 cylindrical vials, i.e., one plumb vial and two level vials. These vials can help to determine the horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously. The durable mold is wear-and-tear resistant, which makes it easier to use in every condition.

The level can lock every 15 degrees to work well with different posts, pipes, and beam sizes. In case the post is made from wood, its elastic strap can securely use this post level on non-metal surfaces. And fortunately, it is adjustable. There are some openings for adjustability. While you can attach it to metal surfaces using a strong magnetic strap.



  • Providing you with a 1-year warranty.
  • 3 easy-to-read vials have made leveling simpler.


  • At times, bubbles aren’t highly accurate.

4. Draper Post Level with 4 Magnetic Pads

Draper 75042 Rigid Post Level, Blue

Draper post level is an affordable kit to ensure your post is level. Reinforced ABS plastic has made this post-level durable. Nicely, it has four magnetic pads to make it stable on all metal surfaces. On the other hand, you can also use it conveniently on steel posts using a strong elastic strap.



  • Suitable for any application with horizontal or vertical requirements.
  • Using this tool with quick setting post-Crete makes post-installation easier.


  • Elastic may rip off after a few uses

5. Stanley 0-47-720 Magnetic Post Level

Stanley 0-47-720 Post Level magnetic, Yellow/Black

Stanley magnetic post level is a simple to use and well-made product. It has levels in all three panels to make it easier to use. The bright yellow color of this magnetic post level won’t make you lose it in your garage. You can fold it flat to reduce the risk of damage during transport.



  • The foldable design is easier to store.
  • Flat folding offers added protection to its vials.


  • The level may be a bit fiddly to fold.

6. Swanson Tool T04424 Wood Magnet

Swanson Tool T04424 Wood Magnet

The high-impact construction of the Swanson wood magnet tool offers added durability. It’s easier to attach to any post using the elastic pad. You can easily use it on round and square posts of up to 4” diameter. Moreover, the cushioned body offers a more comfortable working experience with the Swanson magnet tool.



  • 3 vials offer easier reading.


  • It is hard to keep the underside of any unit plumb.

7. AdirPro Post Level – Easily Snap On

AdirPro Snap On Grade Rod Level for Round or Square Rods - Portable Horizontal Bubble for Tower Ruler, Right Angle 90 Degree Level- 40-Minute Sensitivity (Orange)

Are you looking for a rod level that works efficiently on rectangular and round rods? AdirPro rod level is an effective option to consider in this regard. It has durable aluminum construction, making it stay with you for years. Additionally, it can fit well to any 1 to 1.25 inches grade rods.



  • No-scratch covering makes it a more reliable and long-lasting rod level for you.
  • This is a quality product available at an affordable price.


  • The size of this rod level is smaller than standard hand levels.

8. AdirPro Aluminum Grade Rod Level

AdirPro Aluminum Grade Rod Level, Adjustable Laser Level Tool With 40-Minute Sensitivity (Orange)

This aluminum rod level is durable, sturdy, and strong to use for multiple applications. You can level posts at a higher accuracy using AdirPro aluminum rod level. This multi-purpose rod level works well for home improvement and furnishing-related tasks.



  • Suitable to work with round and rectangular rods of 1″-1.25″ diameter.
  • The handiest design of the AdirPro rod level makes it easier to carry around.


  • The bubble solution doesn’t have a visual aid.

9. Task T58058 Magnetic Post Level & Adjustable

Task T58058 Adjustable Magnetic Post Level, Black

Here is a lucrative adjustable post level that you can choose for hand-free applications. This post level is suitable for leveling and plumbing flagpoles, posts, decks, etc. You can use its adjustment with 15° increments to easily use it on surfaces of different sizes.



  • Experience higher accuracy with adjustable post levels
  • Three solid acrylic vials make it durable to use anywhere.


  • Magnets should be a little stronger.

10. Performance Tool W5703 Folding Level

Performance Tool 1528 Post and Corner Level - Accurately Measure Angles on Posts, Corners, and More with this Durable Tool

You can use the performance folding level tool to ensure all sides of your posts are accurately leveled. Three bubble vials can let you ensure accuracy to a greater extent. Moreover, this two-way level best checks alignment on a post or angled edges efficiently.



  • Easier to attach on any surface.
  • Comfortable to work with


  • It is difficult to carry around in a tool bag.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Post Level

Post level is a simple yet brilliant tool that you can use for multiple tasks such as plumb and level posts. These simply yet amazing tools work well for most situations. However, there are few tech features to consider when buying it. Here in this guide, we will learn about different aspects of this tool that you should consider while buying.

1. Applications

Post levels are the handiest tool to check levels on 3 axes. The post level itself is available in right-angle construction. Due to their construction, these post levels can easily wrap around a square post corner. However, post levels are self-centering if you are working with a pipe or round post. Due to this mechanism, these are ideal for different applications such as level and plumb.

2. Style

Some post levels are magnetic, while others come up with rubber straps to secure these levels to your target post. Investing in a level that offers you something to secure it with your working post is always important. This is an important factor because it will allow you to work hand-free.

  • Magnetic post levels have a magnetic strip on one edge of the level. This magnetic strip can make it easier to attach the level on metallic posts and allows a hand-free working experience. It is always better to choose a strong magnetic post level to work. This level won’t fall and will serve better.
  • However, if you are working on wood or other surface types, rubber straps are a better option to secure your level for a hands-free working experience.

3. Size

The size of your post level is important, especially if you are working with flag poles, water pipes, upright posts, decks, and railings. Based on the project you are working on, you must get the right size of post levels. Higher levels are always better for getting more accurate measurements.

Almost all post levels perform double duties, such as finding the level of plumb and post. So, these need to be as durable and reliable as possible.

4. Portability

Although this kind of spirit level are generally lightweight and easier to carry around. However, carrying an opened post level can increase the risk of damage during transit. It is always better to choose the foldable one. The foldable post levels are not only easier to transit than otherwise. You can also store these levels easily when not in use. So, choose accordingly.

In short, foldable materials are always the handiest, even if they are not deal breakers.

5. Material and Quality

It is always smarter to invest in a post-level that’s made of high-quality material. Toughened plastic and aluminum are some of the most commonly used materials of post levels. It is because these materials are non-rusting, hard-wearing, and waterproof. All these qualities make toughened plastic and aluminum more ideal material to opt for.

6. Brand

Sometimes, the products are similar in terms of features but performance may be different. You can check customer reviews that you can read around the web to see how they actually perform. At least, you can check how the magnetic pad works whether it is durable or not. Relying on the brand reputation can be another way to trust the product quality.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best post levels to consider. The detailed guide can also help you determine the right choice for your next project. Here are our top recommendations to consider from the above-mentioned top post-level tools.

Johnson Level & Tool post level is the best option for accurate results. This is also a preferable post level to work in a darker area because of its reflective backing. You can have a stable hands-free working experience with this post level easily.

IRWIN Tools Magnetic Post Level is our second recommendation that’s a multi-purpose post level. This is one of the most affordable and efficient option to have. However, you can choose the Kapro 340-08D magnetic level if you want a travel-friendly post level. Its foldable design makes it easier to transit and store when you aren’t using it.

Are you intended to buy other than these? You can simply check our detailed overview to make a better choice.

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