Best Tire Tread Depth Gauge Reviews

Tire tread depth gauge functions to measure the wear level of a tire by measuring the tread depth. It’s an important tool to maintain tire performance and your safety as well.

It’s actually like a depth gauge. However, it has some modifications such as smaller size and shorter scale. The graduation is typically in inch and divided into 32nds division. People may use the coin to check the tire, compared to using a coin, the use of a tire tread depth gauge is considered more accurate and faster.

For those who want to make a long trip by their vehicles, it’s necessary to store this tool in case you need to check your tire.

Here we have the top 8 selections of tire tread depth gauge picks you will be liking them much. It will not break your bank, instead, help you inspect the issue immediately.

Using tire tread depth gauge to inspect tire condition

ProductsImagesShort DescriptionPrice??
1. Steelman 97831
[Best Overall]
Steelman Color Coded Tread Depth Gauge, Quickly Identifies Amount of Tread on Tires, Reads in MM and 32ndsColor coded tire tread depth gauge with inch & mm scalePrice!
2. Milton
Milton S-448 Tire Tread Depth GaugeAluminum indicator bar tire tread depth gaugePrice!
3. Preciva 13Tire Tread Depth Gauge, Preciva LCD Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge Tool with Decimal Inch and MM Conversion of 0-1 Inches/ 0-25.4mm(NO 32nds Fraction Inch Display).Fast reading digital tire tread depth gaugePrice!
4. Michelin 4203BMichelin MN-4203B Digital Tire GaugeDigital tire tread depth gauge + tire pressure gaugePrice!
5. Accutire 48BAccutire MS-48B Tire Pressure Gauge and Tread Depth Gauge (psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2, mm, in)Digital tire tread depth gauge + tire pressure gaugePrice!

Top 8 Best Tire Tread Depth Gauges in 2024

1. Steelman 97831 Color-Coded Tread Depth Gauge [Best Overall]

Steelman Color Coded Tread Depth Gauge, Quickly Identifies Amount of Tread on Tires, Reads in MM and 32nds

Steelman 97831 is the best overall tire tread depth gauge that we recommend. It provides all you need and it’s affordable.

This is a color-coded model that will tell you quickly the condition of the rite. It has great accessibility during the identification of the tread depth of the tire you are inspecting.

There are three colors that will allow you to quickly judge the tire wear condition. Moreover, the reading is both in mm and inch. For the inch, it’s divided into 32 graduations.

When the reading is in the green scale area, the tire is still fine. But when it’s yellow, you have to take care of it soon. You must replace it very soon if the reading shows in the red scale area.

Its size and price will attract you to purchase immediately. Further, it also provides a digital version. You could choose your preference.


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2. Milton S-448 Tire Tread Depth Gauge Round Aluminum Scale

Milton S-448 Tire Tread Depth Gauge

The Milton S448 Tire Tread is known to be a nice solution for any tire that requires a good checking in its tread wear condition.

Bringing ease into the lives of its users, it takes away the guesswork and is constructed from the finest quality material that gives one a lifetime experience of its usage.

It possesses a round aluminum indicator bar that calibrates as 0-1 inches by 1/32 inches.


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3. Preciva Best Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge with LCD

Tire Tread Depth Gauge, Preciva LCD Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge Tool with Decimal Inch and MM Conversion of 0-1 Inches/ 0-25.4mm(NO 32nds Fraction Inch Display).

Preciva digital tire tread gauge deserves to get hold the title for the best digital tire tread depth gauge, based on the preciseness of its tire tread measurements. In terms of accuracy, this one is amazingly reliable. You don’t need to worry find it give a wrong reading.

It’s equipped with the LCD display that helps in the visibility of the readings. Moreover, there are some helpful buttons you could use: in/mm, off/on, zero. You could switch the unit reading to an inch or mm with the in/mm button. The next button functions to turn on or off the gauge. And the last is the zero button that allows you to set the zero reading at any point of depth. This function may remind you of a digital caliper.

This item really looks made as a professional digital tread gauge. From the build quality, you could guess that it’s made from a high-quality plastic material. Powered with LR-44, it’s not hard to find it. Get more confident to carry it around for your car, bike, motorcycle, truck, etc.


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4. Michelin MN-4203B Digital Tire Gauge

Michelin MN-4203B Digital Tire Gauge

Michelin is aware that proper tire maintenance is crucial for ensuring maximum performance and safety.

Therefore, their MICHELIN MN-4203B product becomes one of our best digital tire tread depth gauges that we find on the market based on its accuracy and preciseness showing tire tread depth.

The product itself features an extra-large LCD that makes the view even easier to see. It has a 5 – 99 PSI reading range. It works with all types of vehicles.


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5. Accutire MS-48B Digital Tire Thread Depth Gauge + Tire Pressure Gauge

Accutire MS-48B Tire Pressure Gauge and Tread Depth Gauge (psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2, mm, in)

The Accutire MS-48B is known to be a nice digital tire tread depth gauge on the market due to its capability to maintain excellent tire condition. It is able to measure the tire tread depth from 0-19/32 inches and it measures air pressure up to 99 PSI. The color light bar blinks and indicates the tire needs to be replaced or changed. It features an extra-large screen for better visibility.


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6. Milton (S-920) Pencil Tire Tread Depth Gauge + Pressure Gauge

Milton S-920 Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge With Tread Depth Gauge, Built-in Deflator Valve, For Higher-Pressure Automobile Tires, Durable Plated Brass, Pressure Measured In PSI & kPa

The Milton (S-920) pencil tire pressure gauge with a tread depth gauge becomes our next recommendation due to its portability and sleek design. It consists of a built-in deflator valve and the scale for tire tread that comes in 1/16 inch increments. It is considered to be ideal for higher pressure automobile tires and comes in handy in cold temperatures. Its measured pressure range is PSI 10 – 70, 2 lb. increment. Milton S-920 truly provides an affordable choice and would be your best friend due to its functionality.


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7. MonkeyJack Stainless Steel Tyre Tire Tread Depth Gauge

MonkeyJack Car Truck Stainless Steel 0~32nds Tyre Tire Tread Depth Gauge Caliper Tire Tread Checker Measure Tool

The MoneyJack tire tread is an extremely helpful tool for checking tire tread, delivering the best function on the market as an efficient way of checking tire wear throughout the tire tread. The depth-caliper-like body construction that this tire tread gauge features pure stainless steel that will last for a long time. It makes it stand out from the others. The portable design makes it easy to use everyday carry tool, convenient enough to store in a pocket. In addition, its 1/32 graduation of an inch will suit many tire tread depth measuring purposes.


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8. Interstate Pneumatics TG32 Professional Dial Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Interstate Pneumatics AMT-TG32 Professional Dial Type Tire Tread Depth Gauge

The Interstate Pneumatics is by far the best tire tread depth gauge as it comes with professional scale graphics and measures tire wear in 1/32 inch increments. Upon using this tire tread depth gauge, you assure that your complete tire patch has maximum track contact. Interstate Pneumatics consists of a solid zinc cast body with an acrylic lens. It measures the tires in three different zones, Red, Yellow, and Green.


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What to Consider Buying Tire Tread Depth Gauge

There are various models and products available. But we may not have a basic understanding of how to choose them. Here is our little suggestion on how to get your best one.

1. Model

This is important to determine what type of model you are going to pick up. As we could see, there are several models available in general: Analog, Digital, and Dial. Three of these have different benefits and disadvantages.

In short, the analog offers simple and accurate measurement. While the digital provides quick measurement but when there something goes wrong with the internal body of the gauge, it’s invisible to detect and result in a false reading. Likewise, the dial model has the chance to give an incorrect reading. All of that false reading can be fixed by buying the best quality one.

2. Scale

At the color-coded models, you could see there are three colors that represent the warning to the readers. When the reading locates on the red color scale, it means you have to replace the tire soon. This type of warning is important so that you don’t need to remember the chart anymore.

3. Graduation

A typical tire tread gauge has a maximum range measurement of 1 inch. However, the scale may vary. The most used one is 1/32 inch and 1/16 inch. This is not too critical. You could select which one your preference is.

4. Unit System

If you reside in the USA, the chance is your daily measuring unit is an inch. Imagine if your gauge only provides metric (mm), that would be annoying. You have no time to convert it all the time.

5. Additional Function

Some items have an extra tool combined together to make them more functional. While this can be a great choice, make sure you get the best one. They may seem great but the performance may be undoubtful. You could rely on the other reviews whether it works or not.

How to Read A Tire Tread Depth Gauge

This linear measuring tool is very easy to use. Like other simple tools, you could intuitively use it. However, you need a little guide to read the scale. How depth is considered safe and how depth is considered as requiring very soon replacement. Another thing is which tread should be measured. All of these questions should be answered by the experts. In this case, we are going to bring you to the following video.

Conclusion: Which is the Best One to Pick?

Since this tool is relatively affordable, it doesn’t matter the price. The digital tire tread depth gauge will give you fast reading and accuracy. Preciva can be your choice and it costs at an affordable price point. But, as it is digital, you need to remember the tire tread gauge chart. If you don’t have to remember it, then the Steelman 97831 Color-Coded Tread Depth Gauge is right for you. It has 3 scale colors that will tell you immediately what to do with. Also, the inch and mm graduation will match all of the users.

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