Best Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

If you are a carpenter, builder, plumber, craftsman, roofer, floor layer, etc, a multi-angle measuring ruler helps you duplicate your pattern or main workpiece’s size (both the dimension and angles) to your next workpiece with ease. It’s a kind of template. So your job becomes faster and more accurate. In case there are a lot … Read more

Best Spirit Level for Masonry

If you are a mason, you know how important it is to have a good spirit level in your toolbox. It is one of the essential tools you need to have for bricklaying, as one of the  for examples. Being a mason, you would not like to compromise on the quality of your spirit level … Read more

Best Depth Micrometer

A depth micrometer, as the name suggests, is used to measure depth. It is a very sensitive tool generally used by machinists and engineers for measuring the depth of holes, bores, shoulders, slots, etc. However, a general rule, to get the best measurement result of depth measurement, you have to pick the best depth micrometer … Read more

Best Try Square

A try square is one of the woodworking square models (combination square, speed square, etc) that you have to own in your toolbox. Whether in woodworking or carpentry projects, you will find this tool very helpful to generate a neat working result. The primary function of a try square is to check whether an object’s … Read more

Best Spirit Level for Electricians

Are you tired of spending a lot of time trying to mark straight and level lines for leveling your sockets and switches? Do you need something to help you install the conduit? Well, the struggle is real if you don’t have the right tool. All you need is a spirit level for electricians. It will … Read more

Best Digital Protractor

A digital protractor is an electronic tool that measures angles with unparalleled accuracy and convenience. You get a display screen on it that shows you accurate measurements instantly. But are all digital protractors the same? Not at all…they come with different features, pros and cons, applications, and obviously different prices. In addition to that, digital … Read more

Best Pocket Level

No doubt that longer spirit levels are more accurate and are preferred by professionals, but when it comes to convenience, pocket levels are the best. Pocket levels are usually only 3 to 4 inches in size and as their name suggests, they can easily fit into your pocket. They can be very handy for construction … Read more

Best Bubble Level

Bubble levels help in identifying the plumb and level of any surface. This is an old tool generally used by builders, carpenters, and even common people to hang a painting right. These levels have a bubble in their vials which indicates the levelness of two lines, surfaces, poles, or posts. The accuracy of a bubble … Read more

Best Sewer Line Root Killer

Now and then people come across the issue of sewer roots. The obstacle of sewer roots, clogged drains, and tree roots infestation will cause trouble for you. If you leave this issue without any further action, the growing roots from the trees will ultimately clog the drains. Even further, the roots from the trees can … Read more

Best Machinist Square

A machinist square is way more accurate in terms of checking squareness compared to the other types of square tools. This accuracy comes from its stable body, manufacturing accuracy, and material. No part of its body is pinned or riveted. The head and blade are integrated directly with no conjunction. This machinist square comes with … Read more