Best Sewer Line Root Killer

Now and then people come across the issue of sewer roots. The obstacle of sewer roots, clogged drains, and tree roots infestation will cause trouble for you.

If you leave this issue without any further action, the growing roots from the trees will ultimately clog the drains. Even further, the roots from the trees can destroy and collapse the sewer lines. It surely can cost you a thousand dollars for a fix [Fletch-Barney, LLC]. Instead of being ignorant, doing some flushes regularly can save you some money and prevent such a loss.

These 10 picks are the best sewer line root killer products that you could use to kill those roots.

They are actually divided into two types of root killer. One is by using rock salt or copper sulfate [Terry’s Plumbing], and the other is by using foaming dichlobenil pesticide. It could be hard to reach the top side of the pipe by using the copper sulfate. In contrast, a foaming root killer can reach that area [Chris Deziel, Hunker].

You also need to consider the best sewer line root killer for your situation. Some chemicals can kill the entire tree while others don’t. And some products can work significantly but they may be harmful so that proper care of use is required.

Foaming Root Killer Green Gobler
Foaming Root Killer by Green Gobler

Top 10 Best Sewer Line Root Killer Reviews 2023

1. Sanco Industries Root Destroyer Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate [Our Best Recommendation]

Are you suffering from the issue of sewer roots because of the outgrown trees? Do you need a solution to clear the drainage and kill the sewer roots without harming the trees? Well, the Sanco Industries Root Destroyer is a perfect choice for that job.

Sanco Industries root destroyer is the best overall root killer for sewer lines that we recommend so far. It contains 99% copper sulfate pentahydrate. It is in the shape of crystals and blue-colored.

It’s easy to use. All you have to do is to pour the copper sulfate into the toilet and flush with water. Do the pouring regularly. It’s recommended to pour 4 times a year. A single pouring is about 0.5 lb (a quarter of the can content). As this product comes with 2 lbs, a single purchase can cover a year.

The Sanco Industries root destroyer copper sulfate will clean the drain pipe and unclog the pipelines. Moreover, this sewer clear will not harm the trees. The Sanco Industries Root Destroyer is also useful for the decomposition of the stumps of the trees. Further, the price is friendly. So we put this product as the first to suggest you buying.

Buy the Sanco Industries Root Destroyer now throughout the button below.



  • Effective
  • Easy to use, quick to use
  • Affordable


  • May not reach the roots at the top side of the pipeline

2. ROOTX Root Intrusion Solution Kit Foaming Root Killer

Are you tired of the regrowth of the sewer roots? Do you need the one that is able to treat all the roots inside the sewer pipe? Here is the solution.

The ROOTX Root Intrusion Solution Kit is one that you could rely on. This is the foaming root killer that will fulfill the entire internal pipe, reaching all the roots that come into the pipeline.

Applying the RootX foaming root killer is pretty easy. Decide whether to start from the sewer clean-out or the toilet. Mix the content for about 1 minute. And then, pour the content into the sewer clean-out and flush with water. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment.

It’s recommended to apply two pounds of RootX root destroyer for a 4-inch diameter 50-feet long pipe. If it is a 4-inch diameter 100-feet long pipe, pour 4 pounds. In addition, if it’s a 6-inch diameter 57-feet long pipe, pour 4 pounds as well. Don’t pour more than 2 pounds of RootX if you apply it in the toilet. After pouring the content, pour the water with the instruction of 10 gallons of water per 2 pounds of RootX.

This kit does its full job of killing and clearing the drain pipes. Whereas, the kit comes with the chemical, as well as a mixing container. The application with the ROOTX Root Intrusion Solution Kit has become so much easier now. Hit the button below to go to the page where you could buy it now.



  • Effective to kill all the roots inside the pipe
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best with low-flow toilets
  • Expensive

3. Roebic Laboratories K-77 Root Killer Copper Sulfate

If you are thinking there must be an issue with your sewage system, you have to buy copper sulfate first before deciding to either hire a plumber or buying a sewer camera. By using copper sulfate, you are expected to see a quick result if the cause is tree roots. However, if the result seems nothing, you could decide on another method of solving.

Roebic K-77 is one of the best copper sulfate products on the market for root killing. It contains 99% copper sulfate pentahydrate and weighs 2 lbs. This material helps destroy the roots quickly. To use it, please read the instruction carefully. It’s safe for all types of plumbing.

You can find the Roebic Laboratories K-77 root killer through the following button. However, you could use this in some regions in the USA.



  • Incredible Packaging
  • Affordable


  • Might take some time to unclog

4. Roebic FRK-1LB FRK Foaming Root Killer

If you are facing some severe sewer root problem, which you need to deal with, you will need Roebic FRK-1LB FRK foaming root killer. This type of root killer can kill the roots which are present at the top side of the sewer line. In other words, if the roots intrude from the top side, this foaming root killer can kill those intruders that come from any side.

This foaming root killer will help you clear the pipes from the roots easily. Moreover, if you do not want to harm the trees around the sewer pipe, this Roebic FRK-1LB FRK foaming root killer is perfect for you. This sewer root killer is suitable for any drainage or pipeline.



  • Great packaging
  • Works incredibly


  • Can be dangerous

5. ZEP Drain Care Root Kill 2LB

We believe that you might have heard of this brand. ZEP is a company that focuses on cleaning products. And this one is one of our favorites worth it to share with you.

As the description said, this root killer contains Copper Sulfate. It comes with 2 lbs size. If you highly require an immediate result, you could try this one.


  • Keeps the drain clean
  • Affordable
  • Immediate result


  • A bit expensive

6. FDC 99% PURE Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystals

As the name suggests, this is another product of copper sulfate that you could use for sewer line root killer. The most common form of copper sulfate is copper sulfate pentahydrate. This material is blue colored and crystalline.

The raw copper sulfate is a powerful chemical. If you require a pure, high-grade copper sulfate, you can get that with this FDC pure copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals. These crystals are helpful in the farms, as well as killing the roots in the drains.

You can use the FDC Pure Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystals without mixing it with any other chemical. The advantages also vary, you could use it to clean the sewer pipe (roots), control pests, and also for the etching of the metals. Click on the following button to buy the FDC pure copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals.



  • Good quality
  • Great for disinfecting


  • Does not dissolve in water

7. Root Reach Foaming Root Killer

If you think the crystals are not working for your drainage, you could try the foam type. The Heartland Labs Root Reach is the foaming root killer that will help you in filling the pipelines with the foams. It will also abolish the sewer roots and the plants that are hindering the pipes.

You can mix the Heartland Labs Root Reach with copper sulfate or any other active chemical for a powerful impact. Applying the foaming should prevent the roots from regrowth. Click the button below to purchase the Heartland Labs Root Reach.



  • Clears the roots
  • Works amazingly

8. Rooto Corp. 1185 Sewer Line Root Killer Copper Sulfate

Have you seen the roots growing back soon after you used a root killer? Do you think you need a powerful root killer? The Rooto Corp. 1185 Root Killer 2 lb will help you with sewer roots that keep coming back. This root killer will unclog the drainage and will stop the growing back of the sewer roots. If you need it to be more active, pour it in the septic system lines. You can buy the Rooto Corp. 1185 root killer via the below link.



  • Works well for cleaning the roots


  • Needs a foaming product

9. Green Gobbler Foaming Root Killer for Sewer Lines

If you wish to save some money and get rid of the sewer roots problem without hiring a plumber, the Green Gobbler foaming root killer is the best action formula. This is a foaming agent, that can dissolve the sewer roots and clear the drains.

It doesn’t contain copper sulfate. If you use the Green Gobbler foaming root killer as directed, no harm will be caused. Buy Green Gobbler foaming root now through the link below.



  • Effective
  • Affordable

10. Earthworks Copper Sulfate Fine Crystals Root Killer

Copper sulfate is one of the chemical compounds that are effectively used to kill roots. Earthworks Copper Sulfate is the product that provides that compound. Even better, it’s 99.9% pure and in the shape of crystals. This crystal form allows the flushing process to run effectively.

If you need the Copper Sulfate to kill the roots and you need to have the crystals in bulk, then Earthworks copper sulfate can be your choice. This Earthworks product offers 99.9% purity of copper sulfate in the shape of (fine) crystals.



  • Great quality


  • Not the best packaging

How to Choose the Right Root Killer for You

When it comes to removing the roots which penetrate into the sewer pipe, it’s hard to do with a knife or other sharp tools. However, things become so much easier when we use a particular chemical product that is designed to kill the roots. There is some consideration when selecting the right root killer for the sewer system.

1. Type of Root Killer

You have to define your sewer issue before deciding to buy a root killer. Are the roots really clogging the system? That means if the roots accumulate heavily in the pipe, then you have to dissolve them as soon as possible. In this case, a copper sulfate-based product can solve the issue.

However, when it comes to preventing the roots from growing, the foaming root killer is the best choice to pick because it’s able to reach every side inside the pipe.

2. Check Whether It is Permitted in your Region?

Some chemical productS may be banned in a certain state inside the US. You have to make a proper check before buying whether the root killer you are going to buy is permitted or not.

3. Will It Kill the Tree?

You may be concerned that this chemical-based root killer will kill the tree as well. The best sewer line root killer has to kill the roots, not the tree.

4. Is It Safe for Human?

Some products may contain these chemical compounds such as diquat dibromide and metam sodium. Metam sodium is restricted to use for sewer root from 1996. This is due to the potential health issue it can cause to humans, animals, and the environment. [Source]

What if the Root Killer doesn’t Work?

If you find the roots very stubborn to kill, you may need some further inspection. Perhaps, it’s not root that clogs your sewer line.

You could use a sewer camera and a sonde locator.

The camera will inspect what happens inside the sewer line by capturing the image and recording the video.

While the sonde locator functions to locate the position of the clog. This locator will pinpoint the position of the sonde that is attached to the camera head of your sewer camera. As the camera is close to or even exactly at the clogged point, pinpointing the sonde means pinpointing the clogged area.

A cheaper way can be done by using a flushable sonde. The kind of sonde will be flushed along the pipe. It will float on the water and stop at where the clogged point is.

These are the example of flushable sondes:

  1. Prototek FTP-8 (the affordable one)
  2. Ridgid 19793 Floating Transmitter (more expensive one)

The combination of these two tools is very critical for your sewer line maintenance. To be honest, if you compare the price of hiring a plumber to the price of purchasing a unit of a sewer camera, you’ll know buying the camera is way more saving. The price of a sewer camera is about twice of hiring a plumber. If you regularly inspect the sewer pipe, then this is a good investment.


The sewer roots, dirty ponds, algae, pests, and fungus are all filled with bacteria. If not taken care of properly, the bacteria can outburst. Therefore, it is important to clean the ponds, kill the sewer roots, and control the pests as well.

However, you do not want to harm the environment, as well as the trees. Therefore, it is better to find a sewer roots killer that can work effectively and safely to kill the sewer roots but does not harm the trees. You can find multiple products on the market, that can fit your specifications.

The above list of the best sewer line root killer will help you find the best quality, effective sewer root killer. But, if you are still struggling to find your best one, then we would prefer to suggest Sanco Industries Root Destroyer Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate as we have mentioned before. It’s effective, easy to use, and affordable. However, if you are not happy with the result, you expect to kill all the roots, then RootX foaming killer can kill all the roots with its foaming method.



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