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No doubt that longer spirit levels are more accurate and are preferred by professionals, but when it comes to convenience, pocket levels are the best. Pocket levels are usually only 3 to 4 inches in size and as their name suggests, they can easily fit into your pocket. They can be very handy for construction and electrical projects and can be used for quick tests.

Not only that, a pocket level can ideally reach the spaces where other spirit levels can’t. So if you are looking for a spirit level that can reach confined spaces and give you quick readings without much adjustment, you should get a pocket level. These levels come with a metallic clip, which you can attach to your belt and carry the level wherever you go. These levels are also very lightweight, so you need no effort to carry them with you.

You will see a number of variations of pocket levels. So, to help you get the best pocket level, we have composed a list of some top pocket levels that will give you professional results and will be sturdy enough to last ages. After that, we will also provide you with a buying guide to help you narrow down your choices and choose the best one.

So without any further ado, let’s begin the reviews.

Small mini pocket level

Top 5 Best Pocket Levels in 2023

1. Stabila 11901 Magnetic Pocket Level [Best Overall]

If you want a level that offers quick and easy alignment, you should go for the Stabila 11901 magnetic pocket level. This is because it comes with attached rare earth magnets on the side and bottom, which can attach to any metallic surface by themselves so that you can get accurate readings effortlessly. The size of this level is only 3 inches, and it fits nicely into the holster that can fit on your belt.



  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Very precise results
  • It comes with magnets for easy alignment


  • It comes with a single horizontal vial

2. Starrett 135A Pocket Level

If you are looking for a device that is best for metalworking and electrical projects, the Starrett 135A can be a good voice. It can fit into your pocket and has no sharp edges. You get a single vial on the level. The vial of this pocket level comes with a sensitivity of 17-21 minutes. The size of this level is only 2.5 inches, so it can easily reach spaces where other spirit levels can’t. The body of the level is made from brass and is coated with satin nickel, making it resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the vial is made from glass and is resistant to scratches.



  • Smoot built
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Compact size
  • High accuracy


  • No magnets for attachment

3. Stanley 0-42-130 Dual Vial Pocket Level

The Stanley 0-42-130 pocket level has a very sturdy structure, making it perfect for clumsy job sites. The vial of this level is cast in strong molded plastic, which protects it from getting damaged. You get two easy-to-read vials on the level, one is horizontal, and the other one is vertical. This five-inch level weighs only 0.19 pounds. You get a magnet on the base of the level that allows it to attach to any metallic surface for automatic alignment.



  • It comes with two vials
  • Durable structure
  • Easy alignment
  • Lightweight


  • Comparatively bigger size

4. SOLA LSGOM GO! Magnetic Portable Level

Next, we have the 3-inch variant of the SOLA LSGOM GO! Magnetic Spirit Level. It offers you 60% higher magnification as compared to any regular vial. The vial of this level is made from an acrylic structure and has greater contrast. The luminous backing strip makes it even more luminous. You get strong neodymium magnets and a belt clip on this level.



  • V-groove for pipe leveling
  • High visibility
  • Shock absorbing end caps
  • High accuracy


  • It comes with a single vial

5. Milwaukee Magnetic Pocket Level

Generally, you would not find pocket levels that offer leveling at different angles. If you want a mini level that can check levels at different levels, this one’s for you. The Milwaukee magnetic pocket level comes with a rotatable vial that allows you to set up any desired angle and check the level. The vial of this level is coated with high-impact acrylic, which makes it even more durable.



  • Rotating vial for setting angles
  • Amplified with magnets for auto handsfree alignment
  • Durable structure
  • It comes with a lock screw


  • Not very precise

Pocket Level Buying Guide

You need to consider a few features before buying a pocket level.

1. Build Quality

One of the most crucial things you need to consider while buying a pocket level is its build quality. Make sure that the vial is made from break-resistant material and that the body of the pocket level is made from cast aluminum. The aluminum structure makes the level very sturdy. In addition to that, it makes the pocket level very lightweight as well. So, such levels are easy to carry, won’t break easily, and last a long time.

2. Visibility

As pocket levels are smaller than the regular spirit levels, their vials are also very small. As a result, it is comparatively difficult to see the bubble to know if the surface is leveled or not. To compensate for that, you can get the levels that offer better visibility. Such levels provide a magnified view of the bubble, making it easier to see.

3. Accuracy

Another essential feature you need to consider is the accuracy of the level. If your pocket level does not offer better accuracy, it is not reliable at all. So whether you’re buying it for professional or domestic use, choose the one that gives you precise results. Generally, longer spirit levels are preferred in terms of accuracy, but if your pocket level has greater accuracy, it is as good as a longer professional spirit level.


So, this was all about the mini pocket levels that you can easily fit into your toolbox or clip to your belt and take with you wherever you need it. You can use the buying guide to know what to look for while buying at a good pocket level. Still unsure? We have got some recommendations for you.

As the best overall pocket level, we would recommend the Stabila 11901 Magnetic Pocket Level as it offers pro-level accuracy and comes with amplified magnets that help you align it without any effort. If you are searching for a pocket level that comes with both a horizontal and a vertical vial, then you should get the Stanley 0-42-130, as this is also a very lightweight, easy to use, and accurate pocket level.

There are so many models of spirit levels, from pocket levels to torpedo levels. Make sure you pick the correct model for your projects. Hopefully, this page is useful for you.

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