Best Underground Water Detector

As the name suggests, underground water detectors are devices for finding groundwater. Water is available at different levels under the ground. You may need to dig deeper to reach the water table in some areas. So, knowing where the water is located and how far it is from the ground is crucial to get the needed resources or pricing your services accordingly.

Some underground water detectors can also detect pipe leakage or blockage. This saves the time needed to troubleshoot such systems and repairs.

Underground water detectors are used by researchers and explorers and come in all shapes and designs. Their features also differ, which affects their price tags. As a result, choosing the best product in the market is challenging without information about them.

This article focuses on the best underground water and pipe leakage or blockage detectors you can buy for preferred applications. Read on for detailed information as we review various products.

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Best Underground Water Detectors Reviews

This section reviews the best underground water detectors chosen after extensive market research. Let’s dive into the features and specifications of each product.

1. GER Detect Fresh Result-1 Underground Water Detector

GER Detect Fresh Result-1 Underground Water Detector

The GER Detect Fresh Result-1 Underground Water Detector is a battery-powered device that allows researchers, archeologists, and adventurers to explore the landscape and detect underground water. It is a powerful tool that can also identify metal, gold, diamond, and gemstones buried in the ground.

This underground water detector boasts unmatched ground penetration depths of up to 100 meters. It uses a highly advanced, long-range radar system that goes deeper into the ground than ordinary detectors. It features 4 antennas for maximum signal reception and transmission.

The GER Detect Fresh Result-1 Underground Water Detector is accurate, intelligent, and ISO 9001 certified for quality.

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Processor Speed 20 MHz
Screen Quality 128×64 pixel
Battery Charger Input 100-260 V,50-60 Hz, Output 12.6 V/1.2 A
Battery 12.6 V/3 A
Battery Charging Time 4 Hours
Battery Life 10 Hours
Depth 100m Underground
Surface search range Up to 2,000 meters
Front Range Adjustable: 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 meters
Detects Fresh Water, Salty Water, Natural Water


  • Long-range detection – up to 100 meters
  • Detects more than underground water, whether fresh or salty
  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Anti-shock carry bag that protects the device and all its accessories
  • Two years warranty


  • Relatively expensive

2. AJAX DETECTION Omega Underground Water Detector

AJAX DETECTION Omega Underground Water Detector

The AJAX Omega underground water detector is an advanced device that checks all boxes. It is the ultimate tool in your arsenal if you are a farmer or offering well-drilling services. Omega is the perfect solution and the best choice if you have a budget.

The Omega underground water detection device features advanced technology that combines multiple systems to enhance accuracy and reliability. It has many functions allowing you to search for underground water with minimal effort.

This device integrates an interface search that visualizes the correct path to the groundwater. With this, you no longer have to guess water levels. It gives you the confidence to explore different grounds for underground water.

The Omega detector features up to 3 detection systems. The first is the manual, long-range detection system that goes up to 2,250 meters and up to a depth of 500 meters. Refer to the specification table below for detailed information about other detection system capabilities.

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Maximum Depth It can detect up to 500 meters, with preset control in depth search options.
Long Distance Long Range Detection System (Manual) Distance: 2250 meters. Depth: 500 meters.

Long Range Detection System (Automatic) Distance: 2850 meters. Depth: 500 meters.

Geophysical Search System Distance: 20 meters. Depth: 500 meters.

Targets Optional list: Natural water – salt water – sulfur water – all types of water.
Frequency detection From 9 kHz up to 12 kHz, with dual-wave and transmitted frequency (DCS) frequency verification systems.
Ground Balance Automatic


  • Long-range detection
  • Targets natural water, fresh water, salty water, and sulfur water
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Very expensive

3. MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector

MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector

The MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector uses an advanced system integrated with acoustic identification systems. This construction and design allow it to pinpoint the route and center of the water point. It uses rigorous frequency waves to identify and meticulously detect underground water at a depth of up to 200 meters and at an angle of 360 degrees.

This device has a precise control function in a horizontal search and automatic tuning, which is effective on all terrains, including rocky, clay, sandy, and mountainous regions. These features allow it to deliver accurate results.

The MWF Aqua underground water detector has an intuitive user interface. It has buttons and keys for adjusting settings and LEDs to allow you to quickly make all adjustments. These LEDs show the search mode, target type, depth, and distance. And talking of targets, this device can detect natural water, mineral water, and all other water types.

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Search System: long distance sensing system (LDS)
Search Principle: 1. Digital Frequency Signal Processing (DFSP) / To Receiving Electrostatic Fields of the targets
Operating Search Frequency: From 1 kHz to 9 kHz
Display Type: LEDs Interface
Specialized To Detects: Natural water – salty water – mineral water – all types of water.
Depth Search: 200m, With controlling system in the depth level
Distance Search: 200m, With controlling system in the distance level
Front range 2,000 meters
Automatic Smart Guidance System: Yes, through the Smart LDEs interface to locate the target path.


  • Highly precise
  • Long-range detection
  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use
  • Detects all water types
  • Features an automatic tuning system that works on all terrains


  • Depth search could have been better

4. PQWT S500 Groundwater Finder

PQWT S500 Groundwater Finder Detector optional100M/150M/300M/500M Water Detector for Well Underground Water Locator Well Water Drilling Auxiliary Equipment

PQWT S500 Groundwater Finder is one of the most reliable and accurate tools ideal for well drillers, drilling companies, and geologists. It is designed and manufactured by a highly reputable company known for its professional instruments used in underground water searches.

This device uses the natural electromagnetic fields generated by rocks, underground water, minerals, and other earth’s crust components. Based on the differences, the PQWT S500 can visualize the ground profile. It then graphs the findings on its large LCD screen, easing result interpretation. The graphed data shows the water location and depth at the highest accuracy possible.

The PQWT S500 Groundwater Finder is widely used in the rapid analysis of geological structure changes in all terrains, including hills, basins, plateaus, and plains. But how do you use it? It comes with a user manual printed in up to 6 different languages. But you can also refer to a video tutorial if it is your first time using this highly advanced device. It also highlights some of its features.

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Model PQWT-S500
Measuring depth 0-100/ 0-150/ 0-300/ 0-500m
Measurement Range Measurement Range
Measuring frequency Single frequency, three frequency, 36/ 48 / 56 frequency
A/D conversion 16-bit 1Msps
Measuring range 0mV-2000mV

The instrument automatically switches the range

Measuring accuracy 0.001 mV
Measurement channel Eight channels
Unit of measurement data The electric field components of different frequencies of the earth electromagnetic field △Vs (mV)
Channel gain 0-500,000 times
Power Supply: 26650 DC12V 4000mAh built-in battery
Display Industrial-grade 7-inch high-definition digital touch LCD screen
Working hours 6-8 hours
Accuracy More than 90%


  • Suitable for underground water detection on all terrains
  • High accuracy of more than 90%
  • Up to 8 different languages operating system setting options
  • Easy to operate and only require two people to use
  • Time-limited warranty of up to 2 years
  • Automatic measurement and data storage
  • Automatic profile mapping and data export to computers


  • Very expensive

5. PreAsion Underground Water Pipe Leak Detector

PreAsion Underground Water Pipe Leak Detector

PreAsion Underground Water Pipe Leak Detector is a specialized instrument f pinpoint the leakage locations on underground water pipes. You can also use it for detecting leakages in other high-pressure pipeline systems. But how does it perform it?

When fluid under pressure leaks, it propagates noise in the pipe or the buried media under the ground. The device can measure this noise and use it to accurately determine the leakage point. It features up to 9 storage channels that can be viewed separately because it stores data for each band and spectrum.

The PreAsion Underground Water Pipe Leak Detector has two special bandwidths that enhance the accuracy of the frequency analysis. Its stainless-steel listening rod is more sensitive and responds fast, thereby reducing the detection time. This device also has a large LCD screen with seven beams for nighttime use. Its strong ABS plastic box offers protection against rain and other debris. It is a safe storage box for the main unit and all accessories.

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Frequency analysis bandwidth 70-3000Hz, nearly 5 octave, two kinds of bandwidth
Frequency division a:100 Hz, b:200 Hz, c:400 Hz, d:800 Hz, e:1K Hz, f:1.5K Hz, g:2K Hz
Bandwidth Narrow band: symbol ┃┃┃

Middle width: symbol ┃┃┃┃┃

Value Display Display as a bar (within 0-100)
Screen 160×160-pixel, LCD display
Power Lithium battery,7.4V 3000mAh, rechargeable
Battery life Working time after fully charged ≧35hours (Turn off backlight)
Storage Store 9 sets measuring value stored in 9 channels to check separately


  • Strong ABS carrying box for protection
  • Backlight for use at night
  • Two bandwidths enhance the accuracy
  • Features up to 9 storage channels


  • Does not detect underground water apart from pipe leakages

6. DXmic Plastic Water Pipe Locator

As the name implies, DXmic Plastic Water Pipe Locator is an underground plastic water pipe locating device. The instrument uses sound. The transmitter passes vibrations through water, which reflects back as it flows through the plastic pipe. A receiver is used to detect the reflected sound, giving the location of the plastic pipe.

This device can also double up as a top leak detector. Thanks to its functions, including auto filtering, frequency display, auto data recording, and GPS locations. You may need a Pro Version to use some of these functionalities. Find more about the key features of the DXmic Pro Version and the key benefits this plastic water pipe locator offers.

Specifications and Features:

Frequency range 0 to 5000Hz
Battery life Minimum 25 hours (with battery saving) 15 hours (constant)
Battery charge Maximum 8 hours
Weight 600g (with batteries)
Temperature Operating temperature range -15C to +50C
Keypad Touch screen LCD
Display 5.0-inch TFT LCD color
Ingress protection  IP65


  • Best-in-class audio quality
  • Wireless capability for data transfer
  • Robust housing and carry strap – durable
  • User friendly
  • Automatic filtering


  • Very expensive
  • Does not detect underground water

‎7. Riiai-2 Pipe Blockage Locators

Pipe Locators, 30M/100Ft Pipe Blockage Detector, Handheld Waterproof Sensitivity Adjustable Wall Scanner, Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner for PVC Metal Water Pipes (30M)

Plumbing pipes blockage within walls can be frustrating. You can end up bringing down the entire wall without an appropriate tool. That is where this Riiai-2 Pipe Blockage Locator comes in. This device is equipped with a waterproof probe for use in any environment.

It uses electromagnetic induction to accurately locate the invisible blockage or clogging in the pipe inside walls. The device rings a buzzer whenever the blockages are detected to inform you about its location. Depending on the electromagnetic waves received by the receiver, this pipe blockage detector can pinpoint the location.

You can also use this device to detect wall nails, metal pipes, and PVC water pipes. It solves almost all problems facing construction engineers, plumbers, and home users.



  • Scope of application: PVC pipes, plastics pipes, cement pipes, iron pipes, metal pipes
  • Model: NF-5130(20m-30m-40m Optional)
  • Working frequency: 300Hz
  • Work hours: 10H
  • Battery: 3.7V, 2600mAh battery (included)


  • Distance Range: 0-0.6m (Metal pipes); 0-0.15m (Non-metal pipes)
  • Working frequency: 300Hz
  • Work hours: 20H
  • Battery: 3.7V, 1400mAh battery (included)


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  • Offers long service life
  • Used in any environment
  • Detects multiple objects inside the wall
  • Convenient to use in noise and long-distance detection
  • String signal penetration and receiver sensitivity adjustment


  • Does not detect underground water

8. Fdit HY-929 Underground Water Pipe Leakage Monitor

Water Leakage Detection Underground Water Pipe Leakage Monitor Enhanced High Strength Water Pipe Leak Detector US Plug 110-240V

Utilities have complex underground water pipe systems that supply water to various residents. This makes it challenging to detect leakage in any of the pipes. Fortunately, engineers oversaw this and designed the Fdit HY-929 Underground Water Pipe Leakage Monitor.

This device is suitable for water leakage detection in various construction pipelines. It does that by amplifying the sound and feeding it to headphones. You can adjust the audio signal to a comfortable level that cannot damage your ears.
The underground water pipe leakage detector has two probes: a square and a needle probe. What you choose depends on the site conditions.

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  • Material: ABS + Metal
  • Weight: Approx. 380g/13.4oz
  • Consuming Current: 10mAh
  • Use Battery: Lithium Battery 3.7V Batteries (Built-in Battery)
  • Probe Sensitivity: 10D db
  • Maximum Audio Amplification Factor: 20000X


  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Relatively affordable
  • Can penetrate both cement and steel pipe


  • Not for determining the underground water location and depth

Best Underground Water Detectors Buying Guide

Buying an appropriate underground water detector can be challenging because of many factors you have to consider. We will highlight what influences your decision and how to make the right choice.

1.Budget or Cost

Underground water detectors are some of the most expensive electronic devices on the market. Some cost up to 10,000 dollars, but that does not mean they are the best.

What you have on the budget will significantly influence your purchasing decision. But even if you have all the money to spend, don’t go for an overpriced product. Get a reliable and accurate underground water detector at a price between $1,000 and $5,000.

2. Detection Range

This is the ability of your underground water tester. The longer the detection range, the better the devices. However, you should be ready to pay more for long-range underground water detectors because the functionality comes at a higher cost. Such devices are more versatile and can be accurate on all terrains.

Water tables in some regions can be located deep underground. Using an incapable device to find them may give inaccurate results if it cannot get to the water table.

3. Devices Sensitivity and Accuracy

The underground water detector’s sensitivity is its ability to detect changes in underground water conditions. A sensitive device is the best choice to locate a specific water source.

On the other hand, the device’s accuracy is its ability to pinpoint the underground water location. It should indicate the water center and its depth from the surface. The more accurate the detector is, the better it is. It will help you know what you should do regarding the resources to assemble for drilling the well or give a quotation for your clients.

4. Other Features

Underground water detectors have additional features that set them apart. Some have large LCD screens for displaying information results and parameters. These are the best option but are pricier.

You can also consider other features such as data storage, audible alarms, battery strength, user interface, operability, target types, etc. Remember, the more features and functions an underground water detector has, the more expensive it will be.


Q: How can you detect deep water?

A: Detecting underground water requires specialized devices. These also vary in penetrability. That means not everything will be ideal for detecting deep water. Before buying any underground water detector, consider its depth range. Some can penetrate up to 500 meters below the ground, which are ideal for deep water.

Q: How can you tell how deep the water is in the ground?

A: You can determine how deep water is in the ground using an underground water detector having this capability. Such a device can return the exact length of the water table from the surface. Alternatively, you can measure the level in a shallow well with tape. But if there is no shallow well nearby, use surface geological methods. This, however, may need expertise or professionalism.

Q: Can you find water anywhere if you dig deep enough?

A: Yes. You can find water anywhere on earth, regardless of where you live. The only differentiating factor is the depth of the water table from the surface. But if you dig deep enough, you should get water.

Q: How do you detect underground water in a borehole?

A: You can detect underground water in a borehole using a portable electronic device. It is a unit that measures the electrical properties of the earth’s crust and produces a profile showing the structure of the measured area. A device with this capability displays a graph with all information regarding underground water.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is the end of this article on the best underground water detectors. We have reviewed the best products in the market across different price ranges and provided a buying guide to help make the best decision. However, we have a few recommendations for you.

If you are looking for the best underground water detector, consider the GER Detect Fresh Result-1. This long-range device can detect underground water up to a depth of 100 meters. It is also reliable, accurate, and durable. Once you buy it, you can forget about budgeting for the same for many years.

The second option is the AJAX Omega underground water detector. Like the first choice, it is also a long-range device that can detect all types of underground water. This is all you need, whether you target salty, fresh, natural, or sulfur water. However, it has extra features that make it more expensive than other options.

Lastly, you can choose MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector if you have a tight budget. We are saying it is cheap, but it is the most affordable option offering most features and functions of high-end devices. These include long-range detection, high precision, and accuracy, and detect all underground water types.

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