Best Spirit Level for Electricians

Are you tired of spending a lot of time trying to mark straight and level lines for leveling your sockets and switches? Do you need something to help you install the conduit? Well, the struggle is real if you don’t have the right tool. All you need is a spirit level for electricians. It will make your job done efficiently due to much more straightforward.

The spirit level for electricians is basically like other spirit levels, but it has a feature that helps electricians do their jobs more conveniently. Some of the tasks of electricians are the installation of pipe conduits behind the wall, sockets, and switches.

A spirit level for electricians will tell you whether the pipe conduit stands plumb or not. Besides, it can tell you the slope of the pipe as well. Installing the sockets and switches can be faster because it has holes to guide your drill accurately and easily.

Talking about the best spirit level for electricians, hopefully, the following choices can answer your need.

best spirit level for electrician
Kapro electrician level. Source: Wikimedia

Top 8 Best Spirit Levels for Electricians in 2024

1. Stabila 16136 Type 70Stabila 16136/1 120 cm Electric Type 70 Spirit Level47.2 x 1.96 x 0.87 inchesSpirit level with marking holes CHECK THE PRICE HERE!
2. Stabila 16135 16.93 x 1.02 x 1.9 inchesSpirit level with Meter-crack MarkingCHECK THE PRICE HERE!
3. STABILA 17775 FSZBWL STABILA 17775 Pocket Electric Spirit Level,Yellow/Black2.64 x 0.79 x 1.57 inchesIdeal for soil surface measuring and great for installing a single socketCHECK THE PRICE HERE!
4. IDEAL Electrical 35-206IDEAL Electrical 35-206 Electrician Level10 x 8 x 1 inchesPerfect for both conduit and normal level measurementCHECK THE PRICE HERE!
5. Klein Tools 935AB4V Klein Tools 935AB4V Level, 6-Inch Magnetic Torpedo and Conduit Level with 0/30/45/90 Degree Vials, V-Groove and Magnet Track, High Visibility Orange9 x 4.2 x 1 inchesUsed for leveling from 4 different angles CHECK THE PRICE HERE!
6. Milwaukee toolsMilwaukee SUH-48-22-5102 Locking Mini Pocket Level 360 degree angle4.6 x 4 x 1.1 inchesCan be used to check the level at any angleCHECK THE PRICE HERE!
7. Kapro 350Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set - 5 Pieces - Spring-Loaded and Snap-On Pipe Level - With Vertical and Horizontal Vials - Fits PVC, Copper, Stainless Steel Pipes - For Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Jobs1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4 to 1-1/2, and 2 inchesIdeal for leveling pipes of various sizesCHECK THE PRICE HERE!
8. Klein Tools 935AB1Klein Tools 935AB1V No-Dog Level, 2.5-Inch Conduit Bending Level, 1 Vial, ACCU-BEND Level Eliminates Dog-Legs in Offsets and Saddle Bends5.75 x 3.25 x 1 inchesUsed for precise conduit levelingCHECK THE PRICE HERE!

1. Stabila 16136 Electric Type 70 Spirit Level (For Socket Installation)

Stabila 16136/1 120 cm Electric Type 70 Spirit Level

The Stabila 16136 Electric Type spirit level is the best spirit level available for electricians. It makes your job of installing sockets much easier due to its guiding holes. It comes in yellow and black color and has a comfortable, lightweight rectangular structure made from aluminum. This spirit level’s dimensions are 47.2 x 1.96 x 0.87 inches and weigh only 0.73 kg. The STABILA manufacturers have ensured installation in such a way that gives it long-term accuracy. Its accuracy on normal surfaces is ±0.5mm/m.



  • Easy to clean
  • Gives accurate results
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Available in yellow and black color variants only.

2. Stabila 16135 Electrician’s Spirit Level

The next good option that you can have is the Stabila 16135 electrician’s spirit level. It is a horizontal level with a lightweight aluminum body with marking holes to make your task easier. The length of this device is 430 mm, and the dimensions are 16.93×1.02×1.9 inches. It gives you an accuracy of about 0.50mm/m at a normal position. It is coated with an electrostatic powder coating which protects sensitive surfaces from damage and makes the level very easy to clean.



  • Easy marking
  • Has secure grip on slippery surfaces
  • Provides both horizontal and vertical level measurement
  • Ideal shape for electrical and installation work


  • Available in one color variants only

3. Stabila 17775 Pocket Spirit Level for Single Socket Installation

FSZBWL STABILA 17775 Pocket Electric Spirit Level,Yellow/Black

Stabila 17775 is a pocket-sized spirit level and is an ideal choice if you want to install a single socket. Its dimensions are 2.64 x 0.79 x 1.57 inches. This spirit level is made from plastic. It comes with one horizontal vial and two V-groove measuring surfaces. The extra strong rare earth magnets in the level provide automatic alignment with sockets and switches, making it ideal for domestic usage. You also get a belt clip with this spirit level.



  • Easy to carry
  • Provides automatic alignment
  • Ideal for inaccessible locations
  • Lightweight


  • It may need an adapter or a converter.

4. Ideal Electrical 35-206 Electrician Level for Conduit

IDEAL Electrical 35-206 Electrician Level

Ideal Electric 35-206 electrician level is the right choice if you want a level that can be used in confined and hard-to-reach spaces. This level is available in two variants, i.e., one has two vials, and the other has five for different angle leveling. The structure of this spirit level is made from aluminum. As a result, the weight of the level is 0.35 pounds only for the two vial variant and about 0.65 pounds for the five vial variant. The dimensions of this spirit level are 10 x 8 x 1 inches.



  • Easy to read vials with maximum visibility
  • Provides stability to prevent doglegs.
  • Gives stable mounting at the conduits.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • The five vial option is a bit pricey

5. Klein Tools 935AB4V Spirit Level for Conduit

Klein Tools 935AB4V Level, 6-Inch Magnetic Torpedo and Conduit Level with 0/30/45/90 Degree Vials, V-Groove and Magnet Track, High Visibility Orange


The next choice that you can consider is the Klein Tools 935AB4V level which is ideal for conduit installation. It comes with five vials to help you get accurate leveling at five different angles that are 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90°. The high visibility orange color of the level increases the visibility of the vials for easy measurement. This conduit level is made from aluminum, and its dimensions are 9 x 4.2 x 1 inches. The accuracy of the vials is ± 0.029°.



  • High accuracy
  • Magnetic level to eliminate doglegs
  • Large top view to increase visibility
  • Thumb crew to attach the level to conduit


  • Available in one color only

6. Milwaukee SUH-48-22-5102 Locking Pocket Level 360 Degree

Milwaukee SUH-48-22-5102 Locking Mini Pocket Level 360 degree angle

If you want an accurate and sturdy spirit level that won’t break easily, then Milwaukee tools pocket spirit level is a good choice. The dimensions of this spirit level are 3 × 2 × 3.25 inches. It is made from acrylic material. You get a 360-degree adjustable vial in the level, which you can lock at any desirable angle. The screw holds the dial, so it won’t reset when you use it. The accuracy of this pocket spirit level is ± 0.05°.



  • Pocket size for easy carrying
  • 360-degree dial for any desirable angle
  • Sharpsite vial technology to increase visibility
  • Very durable and sturdy material


  • Available in red color only

7. Kapro 350 Spirit Level Set for Different Pipe Sizes

Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set - 5 Pieces - Spring-Loaded and Snap-On Pipe Level - With Vertical and Horizontal Vials - Fits PVC, Copper, Stainless Steel Pipes - For Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Jobs


Kapro 350 Spirit Level set comes with a flexible polymer body that is not only flexible but also provides a very secure fit for pipes. This simple pocket-sized set of spirit levels is ideal for using n engineering, metalworking, and electricity fitting work. All of the five spirit levels in the set come with two acrylic fitted break-resistant spirit levels on one side and a spring-loaded pipe holder on the other side, which easily clicks on the pipe. These spirit levels have an accuracy of about .001″/inch.



  • Easy to read vials.
  • Very accurate measurement
  • Easy attachment on pipes
  • Five different sizes for pipes of different diameters


  • These spirit levels are non-magnetic.

8. Klein Tools 935AB1V 2.5-Inch Conduit Bending Level

Klein Tools 935AB1V No-Dog Level, 2.5-Inch Conduit Bending Level, 1 Vial, ACCU-BEND Level Eliminates Dog-Legs in Offsets and Saddle Bends


Klein Tools 935AB1V 2.5-inch spirit level is a mini pocket-sized sturdy device that is a perfect choice for leveling electrical conduits accurately. You get a single vial on the level for 90-degree bends. It has a leveling screw on one side that helps firmly attach the vial to the conduit. Its 2.5-inch compact size makes it easier to carry anywhere. It gives you the accuracy of ± 0.029°. It has a high visibility orange body that makes taking readings easier.



  • Precise results
  • Durable structure
  • Easy to use
  • Thumb screw to eliminate dog legs


  • Non-magnetic attachment

Things to Consider Before Buying A Spirit Level for Electrician

1. Size and Shape

The first thing you need to consider while buying a spirit level is the size. If you want it for leveling large surfaces horizontally and vertically, then you should consider a level that is rectangular in shape and is a bit long. Alternatively, if you are an electrician, we recommend getting a compact spirit level to reach places where bigger spirit levels cannot be used. You can easily use the spirit level for leveling sockets and switches. A small spirit level would be much easier to carry as well.

2. Material

Next, you should consider the material of the spirit level. You will find spirit levels made from aluminum, plastic, and acrylic material. The aluminum ones can be a good choice as they are very lightweight and hence, very easy to carry and adjust. The ones made from plastic are not very sturdy and can break easily. If you are an electrician, the acrylic spirit level can also be a perfect choice as they are durable and won’t break easily if they fall from heights.

3. Number of Vials

The ideal number of vials in a spirit level depends on what you want to use it for. A spirit level with one or two vials would be suitable for everyday use. But if you want to use your spirit level for measuring angles at different angles, we recommend the ones with either five vials or those that come with an adjustable vial. A 360-degree adjustable vial can be used to level a surface at any desired angle and would be an ideal choice if you want to use it on bending surfaces.

4. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the spirit level is one of the most essential features that must be considered before buying. The sensitivity of the spirit levels measures how accurate and reliable the reading is. For a spirit level to be considered the best, it should have te accuracy within +/- 0.5mm/m or 0.005 inches/inch. If it has an error more significant than that, then it means that the readings will not be accurate enough, and hence the spirit level is not reliable.

5. In-built magnets

Some spirit levels have a magnet attached to the underside of the level. This allows hands-free attachment of the level to any metallic surface and makes your job much easier. If you want a metallic spirit level, make sure that you choose one that has a strong magnet in that and attaches firmly. Otherwise, the level would fall and won’t serve the desired purpose. Such spirit levels come in very handy for the electricians.


So, this was all about spirit levels for electricians. We hope that this detailed article proved to be helpful in resolving your queries related to the spirit levels. Given below are some spirit levels’ top recommendations:

If you are searching for a highly accurate professional spirit level for electricians, we would recommend the Stabila 16136 Electric Type 70, which offers an accuracy of about ±0.5mm/m. You also get marking holes in the level for effortless and accurate marking when doing socket and switch installation. It has anti-slip stoppers, which prevent slipping and provides a firm grip on the surface.

The next best electrician spirit level is the STABILA 17775. It’s a pocket spirit level. This is because it is straightforward to use and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly spirit level, you should get the three-vial version of the IDEAL 35-206 electrician level. It has all the necessary functionality to install the pipe conduit.

Still unsure, read the above-mentioned buying guide and follow it to get an ideal product that is an excellent value for your money.

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