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A precision tape measure is one of the most essential tools in your toolbox if you need high accuracy of measurement using a tape measure. Simply, Class 1 tape measures are considered as the precision tape measures due to its precision specification on its graduation.

Builders, masons, metalworkers, woodworkers, carpenters, machinists, homeowners, etc use it to measure length, depth, width, height, and even diameter. It offers a longer blade to measure yet is portable to carry around. Thanks to its coiled and retractable blade, you don’t need a ruler or folding ruler anymore.

Like precision rulers, the accuracy of the precision tape measure lies in its graduation accuracy.

When it comes to the accuracy of graduation, you will find two types of measuring tapes classified as class I, class II, and class III types. Class II & III tapes are typically common tape measures you can find on the market and used for various daily applications. The accuracy of class II type tape measures is ±2.30 mm over 10 m lengths which is less accurate than that of type I. Oftentimes, you can find class II tapes from brands such as Stanley. The class I type tape measures are much more accurate with an accuracy of ±1.10 mm over 10 m lengths and are commonly used for professional purposes only.

Keep reading as in this article, we will review some of the top-rated and high-quality tape measures of both types. The reviews will help you get an idea about which tape measure you should choose for yourself. And after that, we will also provide you with a buying guide to make your task of finding the perfect tape measure much easier.

Class II Tape Measure
Class II Tape Measure

Top 8 Best Precision Tape Measures in 2023

1. Gatortape Class 1 Top Reading Precision Tape Measure [Best Overall]

After tons of researches, we conclude that this Gatortape precision top measuring tape as the best overall. Not only does it have Class 1 tape measure but also its ergonomics and less reading error.

Unlike other tape measures in which you have to bend the blade when it comes to take internal measurements, this model allows you to accurately measure from edge to edge. Aside from that, the reading is displayed clearly so that it reduces chances of human error. We highly recommend this tape if you want the accurate one.

You can check how it looks like in the following video.

This tape measure is available in imperial graduation and dual metric imperial graduation.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Two scale choices
  • Accurate measurement


  • Offers a range of 5 meters only

2. Tajima H1550MW Class 1 Precision Tape Measure 5 Meters

The second tape measure that we have on the list is the Tajima H1550MW, which offers you a range of 5 meters. It is a class I type tape measure, which means it offers high accuracy and is reliable. The price of this tool is also very reasonable. You get a high-quality case along with an ultra-hard hook that ensures consistent and correct measurements.

The red metallic case of this tape gives it an elegant look. The blade of this tape is white and comes with black/red markings, which makes them high contrast and easy to read. So if you are looking for a premium quality measuring tape of class I type that can help you in speeding up the process of taking accurate measurements, then the Tajima H1550MW is a great option.



  • High contrast markings
  • Greater accuracy
  • Premium look


  • Offers a range of 5 meters only

3. Advent Master Precision Tape Measure Class I

Our next product on the list, the Advent Master Precision tape, also belongs to the class I type, which means that this one is also pretty accurate. This tape measure has an ergonomic design that feels great in hand and gives you a perfect grip due to its finger groove. It offers you a range of 16 feet (5 meters).

Furthermore, on this tape measure, you get a rubber magnetic hook that is patented by the manufacturer. It is specially designed in a way that it can grab arc surfaces to take readings effortlessly. You also get a side blade pause button on the tape for convenience.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a self-aligning hook
  • Comes with a side blade pause button


  • Offers a range of 5 meters only

4. American Directional Driller Measuring Tape Class II

If the 5-meter length range is not enough for you and you are looking for a measuring tape with a greater range, then this one can be a great option. The American Directional Driller Measuring tape offers an extensive range of about 40 meters. This tape measure is a class II type, which makes it a decent tool for domestic DIY projects and other small tasks.

The outer case of the tape comes with a convenient rubber jacket that gives you a better grip on the tape and makes it resistant to damage by offering shock protection. The blade of the tape measure is extra wide and is covered with nylon. You get a double-sided claw with a standard hook to take measurements from both the imperial scale (decimal) and engineering scale (foot/inches).


  • Better grip
  • Shock resistant
  • Offers extended range


  • Claw is non-magnetic

5. Advent Black Edition Tape Measure Class II

The next tape on the list is also from advent brant. It is the Advent black edition tape, and as the name suggests, it comes with a black blade and a black case. It offers you an extended range of 26 feet (8 meters). This one is a class II type measuring tape. It comes with a proven reliable Advent technology.

One of the best features of this tape is its lightweight, as it weighs only 0.39 kgs. The white markings on the black blade increase the visibility of the graduation, so even if you wear reading glasses, you don’t have to put them on while taking the measurements.



  • Better visibility
  • Considerable range
  • Ideal for domestic projects


  • Not ideal for professional use

6. Milwaukee 48-22-7708 Precision Tape Measure Class 2

Our next tape is a sturdy and heavy-duty option from one of the well-known brands that is Milwaukee. Although the case is very tough and is made from ABS material, the tape is lightweight and weighs only about 0.4 kgs. It offers you a range of 8 meters (metric only), and it is a class II type tape.

On the case of the tape, you get a soft grip coating for easy and comfortable handling. The metallic yellow blade with black markings is coated with nylon which protects it from dust, dirt, and damage.



  • Comes with a belt clip
  • Ergonomic finish
  • Sturdy case


  • Metric reading only

7. Axminster Master Precision Class I Tape Measure

If you are a professional and can’t compromise on the accuracy of your results and your work quality relies on the accuracy of measurements, then this one can be an option for you as it is a class I type tape measure. This tape is ideal for cabinetmakers and joiners, and other professionals. You also get a pause button on the tape to hold the blade.

Furthermore, this tape offers you a range of 5 meters and comes enclosed in an impact-resistant case. You get both metric and imperial graduations on the blade.


  • Pocket size
  • Accurate results
  • Pause the button to hold the blade


  • Offers a range of 5 meters only

8. Advent Professional Dual Printed Class II Tape Measure

Our final product is also from the pioneer brand Agent. It is the Advent Professional dual tape that offers you a measuring range of 16 feet (5 meters). You get a dual-printed blade with a front and bottom lock mechanism. To ensure that there is no zero error, you get three rivets on it that hold the clip securely.

The Advent Professional dual printed tape belongs to the class II type. The blade of the tape is non-reflective and comes with both metric and imperial scales. The case of tape measure is made from ABS material and covered with rubber for durability and better grip.



  • Dual printed blade
  • Extra durable case
  • Comes with a belt clip


  • Not ideal for professional use in case you need very precise readings

Things To Consider Before Buying A Precision Tape Measure

Given below are a few crucial features that you should consider before selecting a precision measure.

1. Accuracy

If you want to buy a tape measure for daily tasks and small DIY projects, the class II type tape measures are the right choice. Whereas, if you want it for professional purposes and need to measure sizes and lengths with greater accuracy such that there isn’t even a minor possibility of getting an error, then the class I type tape measures should be your choice.

2. Durability

A tape measure is a tool that you will always need in your toolbox. To avoid the frustration of buying again and again, go for the one that is durable and can’t get damaged very easily. A precision tape measure that is made from sturdy material would not break even if it falls from a certain height. And getting a sturdy tape, you will not have to be careful and use a light hand while using it.

3. Hook Design

Hook design is another very important thing that you need to consider. A hook is about a 3-inch plastic or metal piece that is attached to the end of the tape. It is used for extending the tape from the case and holding it in place while measuring the length of any object. Make sure that the hook comes with a design that makes it easier to hold to the object. You can get a magnetic hook if you want to use the tape to measure metallic objects, as it will aid in effortless attachment.

4. Ergonomics

A precision tape measure that naturally fits in your hand and feels good in it is the best. It will not only provide a better grip but will also be very comfortable to hold. All high-quality tape measures have an ergonomic design that makes them stand out in both looks and feel.

5. Readability and Range

The graduation type and quality determine the readability of the tape. The more crisp and clear the graduation is, the easier it is to take the readings. Better readability also speeds up the process of taking measurements and saves you a lot of time. Most of the tape measures offer you a range of 5 meters. If you want to measure lengths that are greater than 5 meters, then choose the tape measure that comes with a higher range.


No doubt that a quality precision tape measure can help you take measurements more accurately and easily. Likewise, if it is not good enough, it may result in measurements that have errors. So, you need to be very careful while buying one. You can use the above-mentioned buying guide to choose a tape measure for yourself. If you are still confused and want some recommendations, we are here to help.

If you are in search of the best overall tape measure, in that case, you should get the Gatortape Precision Tape Measure because it offers you a greater range of 14 feet and comes with an ergonomic design and a powerful snout button. Another great option would be the Tajima H1550MW Class 1 Precision Tape, as it is a premium tape measure of class I type and comes with high contrast graduations for better readability.

The other choices of class II tape measures are Stanley FMHT0-33864 and Stanley 0-33-527 8 meters.

This was all about top-quality tape measures, and we hope that you found this guide very informative and helpful. So, get yourself a precision tape measure and get price readings effortlessly.

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