Best Magnetic Base for Dial Indicator

As we know that dial indicator is one of the most important measuring apparatuses in mechanical industries. We apply this precision instrument to check the runout between the workpiece surface and axis of rotation, clearances (distance between two surfaces), straightness, and many other tests.

Every dial indicator component has its own importance. But the most vital component is the magnetic base. Without a magnetic base, the dial indicator is almost impossible to operate. Further, if it is not a good quality magnet, it will not hold the stand. It will not position with rigidity. As a result, it will give you irregular and imprecise measurements.

But if the quality of the magnetic base is good, it will make the stand more rigid and it will give you more accurate and precise measurements and it will help to make the positioning easier.

Therefore, the importance of a good magnetic base for dial indicator (dial gauge) is critical to work properly, measure accurately, and come with a lesser error.

There are some points to have for a magnetic base such as magnetic force, grip, compatibility, weight, rod diameter, and button for turning on/off the magnetic quickly. These points are important to consider when buying the magnetic base.

In this article, we are not only discussing the properties of the magnetic base that you have to put attention to but also serve you with our top findings of magnetic base products on the market. If you find our suggestions are helpful, we will be happy to hear that.

Top 5 Magnetic Bases for Dial Indicators in 2023

Most of the magnetic stands are available with a complete set. However, if you want to purchase either a magnetic base or dial indicator, or both, you have the choice to purchase a magnetic stand without the dial indicator.

1. Clockwise Tools MGBR-01 Magnetic Base Stand [Best Overall]

  • This is compatible with all other dial indicators from different manufacturers.
  • In terms of dimension, the base is 2.5″ × 2.3″ × 2″ with a total height is 14.1″.
  • Nicely, it comes with 2 adjustable arms by twisting the middle knob. The lower arm’s length is 4.5″ while the upper one is 4″.
  • It has a one-handed push button on/off switch to engage and disengage the magnet very easily onto the surface
  • This magnetic base is capable to grip horizontally and vertically. Its bottom is V-groove shaped which gives you the advantage to mount it on cylinder-shaped surfaces.
  • Magnetic force is 176 lbs. It is firm and strong it has great holding power. It will position very accurately and will give you precise measurements.

This works really well. It is very easy to adjust any indicators and it holds very firmly. Its magnet is super strong.


2. Noga DG61003 Magnetic Base with Adjustable Arm

  1. This is also compatible with all other dial gauges (both dial indicator and test indicator) due to its capability to hold the dovetails, 3/8″, 6 mm, and 8 mm lug back.
  2. Like the Clockwise Tools MGBR-01, its arms are adjustable into a position that you want which is a great advantage.
  3. It has a universal swivel clamp that gives you easy and fine adjustment.
  4. It comes with two adjustable arms: the lower arm (4.33″ in length) and the top arm (3.98″ in length). The middle knob lets you loosen them easily.
  5. Surely, it has a one-handed on/off knob that engages and disengages the magnet very easily by turning it to right or left. Also, it can easily attach to any cylindrical-shaped surfaces and flat surfaces due to its V-grooved base.
  6. In terms of magnetic force, it has also 176 lbs magnetic force. This force means it is firm and strong and has great holding power. This auxiliary tool will position your indicator firmly and will give you better precise measurements.

The Noga magnetic base comes with arms that are capable of reaching every possible position. It is a supporting tool for precise measurement with fine work efficiency. These are capable to rotate at 360° rotation and this base offers versatility in all operations. Overall its features are good and the price is reasonable.


3. TayTools Magnetic Base without Adjustment Arms

  1. No adjustable arms it provides unless a metric M8 x1.25 threaded hole.
  2. Its holding power is 132 pounds.
  3. The dimension is 2.125″ × 2″ × 3″ respectively for the height, width, and depth.
  4. It provides a V-groove shape on the bottom, magnetic back, and magnetic bottom.
  5. Affordable price

If you are looking for only the magnetic base without the arm, this choice may be for you. It’s a good magnetic base with strong magnets. The important feature to activate the magnet and loosen it is available in the shape of a single one-handed knob.


4. Noga MG61003 Heavy Duty Dial Gage Magnetic Base

  1. Like Noga DG61003, this model is compatible with other dial gauges. You can easily set it up into a required position with its universal swivel clamp that gives you easily and fine adjustment.
  2. It comes with adjustable arms that has Bottom arm length: 4.33 Top arm length: 3.98.
  3. The one-handed on/off switch lets you engage and disengage the magnet very easily.
  4. This magnetic base is capable to grip three-dimensionally horizontally, vertically, and upside or downside.
  5. The holding power is 176 lbs. which means firm and strong. It will position accurately and will give you precise measurements.
  6. High compatibility because it can hold 3/8″, 6mm, and 8mm lug backs. Also, it’s able to clamp the dovetail of your test indicator. Surely, it has a V-grooved base to mount on a cylindrical surface.

Its strong magnetic base and superior holding power cling firmly. It supports the dial gauge for more accurate and precise measurements. It has adjustable settings on top with its universal swivel clamp that makes this gage holder extremely useful for many operations.

The difference between Noga DG61003 and this model (Noga MG61003) is this MG61003 is more heavy-duty and has an extra 1.5″ longer reach.


5. Accusize P900-S301 Magnetic Base with Straight Lower Arm

  1. It comes with a holding power of 110 lbs.
  2. The dimension of the magnetic base is 2.28″ x 1.96″ and its height is 2.16″.
  3. This is compatible with all other dial indicators from different manufacturers.
  4. The basic feature such as the on/off knob for the magnetic is available.
  5. This magnetic base is capable to grip cylinder-shaped surfaces.

Magnet works strong enough for your needs. All gauges can fit and the clamps tightly at pivot points. For machining purposes, this model is good and usable. The contrast disadvantage is the bottom arm which is not able to swivel.


Things to Consider Buying Magnetic Base for Dial Indicator

There are different factors that must be consider before buying any dial indicator magnetic base.

1. Compatibility

The initial thing to check before buying is the compatibility of the magnetic base. If this is compatible with the other dial indicators and test indicators that come from different manufacturers? If it is, it can be used with other dial indicators in different applications.

2. Grip

The second most important thing is to check the grip. Is that magnetic base capable to grip horizontally, vertically, and upside or downside? If this is versatile that’s mean it will fulfill your need efficiently. It can easily attach to any cylindrical-shaped surfaces and flat surfaces. Mostly bottom V-groove magnetic base is used for mounting on cylindrical surfaces.

3. Magnetic Force

Magnetic force is one of the important factors that tell you the holding power of the magnet. If the magnet is super enough to produce strong holding power, that will give you precise measurement. If the force is greater than 180 lbs, that means it is highly firm and strong; surely it has great holding power. As a result, it will position very accurately and will give you precise measurements.

4. Push-button On/Off

If it has one hand-operated push button or one hand-operated ON and OFF switch, it will engage and disengage the magnet very easily.

5. Hold Rod Diameter

For example (6, 8, 20 mm) if it is within the range of your requirement, it will meet your requirement efficiently.

6. Magnetic Base Weight

Weight is not really an important thing to consider but if the base is lightweight with a super-strong magnet, that will be easy to carry without sacrificing your main need of a magnetic base.


Dial gauges such dial indicator, test indicator, and digital indicator requires the magnetic base to work accurately. When selecting the magnetic base for your need, these factors should be your attention: compatibility, grip, magnetic force, on/off knob, and rod diameter.

Overall, Clockwise Tools MGBR-01 is the choice that we suggest. It comes with good magnetic force and a nice price. The second is Noga DG61003 due to its universal swivel clamp and ability to hold the dovetails and several lug back sizes. For longer reach, the Noga MG61003 can be your option. If you need a more gargantuan model of Noga, maybe, Noga MA61003 Big Boy can be your favorite. It comes with a holding power of 292 Lbs (1300 N) which is more than 180 lbs that we have discussed before.

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