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If you are a DIYer or electrician, you will need electrical tape for insulating cut wires when doing home electrical repair or fresh installation. But that is not a problem because you can do it with conventional electrical tapes. What if you are performing the same task in tight and hard-to-rich spaces? The usual taping becomes cumbersome, and that is when you need liquid electrical tapes.

As the name implies, liquid electrical tape is in the liquid state, unlike the adhesive paper tape roll. The standout benefit of using this electrical tape is it can be applied on tight spaces easily but can also be used practically anywhere you have a wire joint or physical wire connections.

Liquid electrical tape measures are adhesive and waterproof. That means you can use them in controlling corrosions and insulating bare electrical wire. However, there is a challenge when you go to the market to buy them.

Different liquid electrical tape brands and models exist. These many options are overwhelming if you don’t know the properties or features to look for. To curb the problem, we have prepared a review of the best liquid electrical tapes and provided a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

This wire requires electrical tape
Exposed wire requires electrical tape

Top 10 Best Liquid Electrical Tape Reviews in 2024

This section focuses on the best liquid electrical tapes reviewed from the list carefully compiled after extensive market research. We considered many features, including the brand reputation, to put everything together. Let’s get the details!

1. Gardner Bender LTB-400 Liquid Electrical Tape

Gardner Bender 07315001126 LTB-400 Liquid Electrical Tape, Easy-on, Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Jar, Black, 4 Oz Bottle, 4 Ounce

Gardner Bender LTB-400 liquid electrical tape comes first on the list for its reliability. It has unrivaled properties that make it the best liquid electrical tape for various uses.

This liquid electrical tape is a rubber-based brush-on liquid that forms a protective, waterproof, UV-resistant, and dielectric seal around stripped electrical wires. When applied, it effectively prevents spliced wires from corrosion and vibration. It creates insulation that prevents shock when accidentally touched.

Gardner Bender LTB-400 is designed to cure fast and offer long-lasting protection. It completely dries in 24 hours and remains resistant to chemicals, solvents, and other fluids that may cause deterioration of the conventional electrical tape.

The application of Gardner Bender LTB-400 liquid electrical tape is straightforward. You only need to apply the first coat on the stripped wire and let it dry for 5 minutes before following with a second coat. But the second layer is only necessary where thicker insulation is required.

Gardner Bender LTB-400 liquid electrical tape is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, even in extreme conditions, such as automotive, marine, farm, and RV industries.

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  • Quick drying formula that completely cures in 24 hours
  • Remains flexible to adapt to the varying temperature and climatic conditions
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, saltwater, and other fluids
  • Easy to apply
  • Effectively protect the wire from UV light and corrosion or rusting
  • Used indoors and outdoors


  • Produces an overwhelming odor

2. STAR BRITE 084104B Liquid Electrical Tape

STAR BRITE Liquid Electrical Tape, Black - 4 OZ Can with Applicator Brush - Waterproof, UV-Resistant, Dielectric Sealant for Wires & Cables, Marine & Home Use

Star Brite is one of the oldest liquid electrical tapes developed over 30 years ago but has never faded. The tape’s formula is superior to many brands and has consistently performed in various conditions. This liquid electrical tape has a vinyl base instead of the rubber used in the first products, providing more grip.

The vinyl base used in the Star Brite liquid electrical tape offers a secure, long-lasting, air- and waterproof dielectric seal around spliced wires. It is also durable, regardless of whether it is used underground or over water. This liquid electrical tape never cracks or peels off once it is dry.

Star Brite liquid electrical tape has many uses and wide applications. It can be used anywhere a watertight seal is needed, including power cords.

Using this liquid electrical tape measure is straightforward. You only need to stir it before use and apply it to the electrical connections you want to seal. Wait for about 24 hours to fully cure. But if you need to apply a second coat, do so after five minutes following the first application.

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  • Offers simple and easy 5 minutes fix
  • Airtight and waterproof
  • Lasts longer
  • Highly versatile with many uses
  • Remains flexible after curing, which takes only 24 hours
  • Does not crack or peel off
  • Effectively adheres to different surfaces, including metals, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and composite.


  • No noticeable downsides

3. Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid Electrical Tape

Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid Electrical Tape

Permatex is one of the most reputable manufacturers and distributors of premium chemical products for almost all industries, including automotive, maintenance and repair, hardware, and home. One of the products is the Permatex 85120-6PK liquid electrical tape formulated for electricians and DIYers.

The Permatex 85120-6PK dries out into a flexible vinyl polymer, which protects the electrical connection from corrosion due to water or deterioration from other weather elements. They are airtight, waterproof, and effectively stop dust and dirt from penetrating.

Permatex 85120-6PK liquid electrical tape ensures the connection is always intact, which is why it has many applications. You can use it on ignition wires, underground wiring, bilge pumps, lighting fixtures, or any exposed wires.

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  • Fast drying speeds
  • Forms a flexible vinyl polymer that does not crack or peel off
  • Dust, water, chemical, and rust-resistant
  • Works on multiple surfaces, including plastic, metal, and vinyl.
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not leave residue


  • Too thin for effective insulation in high-voltage electrical wires

4. Star Brite 084154 Liquid Electrical Tape

STAR BRITE Liquid Electrical Tape, Black -1 OZ Tube with Precision Applicator Tip - Superior Adhesion & Flexible Protection for Frayed Cables, Terminals & Electric Splices

Star Brite 084154 properties are similar to the Star Brite 084104B liquid electrical tape. It is also formulated for quick drying and forms a protective layer around spliced wires to stop them from corrosion and degradation. This liquid electrical tape forms an airtight, waterproof, and UV-resistant seal.

Star Brite 084154 liquid electrical tape can be used in different settings. Thanks to its ability to build up into a thick, effective insulation layer and adherence to many surfaces. It can stick on metal, vinyl, rubber, and composite surfaces. Apart from an effective seal, Star Brite 084154 can also be used to stop terminal screws from loosening due to constant vibrations.

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  • Easy to apply
  • UL-tested and certified
  • Effectively stops corrosion and secures connections
  • Adheres to multiple surfaces, including fiberglass, metal, wood, plastic, and composite
  • Faster drying time


  • The bottle could have been bigger

5. GARDNER BENDER LTS-400 SPR Spray Liquid Electrical Tape

GARDNER BENDER LTS-400 SPR Electrical Tape

GARDNER BENDER LTS-400 SPR is one of the most reliable liquid electrical tapes that can withstand high temperatures of up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also made of a rubber base that dries into a flexible, airtight, waterproof coat that never hardens.

GARDNER BENDER LTS-400 SPR liquid electrical tape offers twice as much dielectric protection and effectively insulates all cable types. Whether you want to protect underground wires, alarm wiring, security system, or outdoor lighting, it is the one product you need. It can withstand 200V/ml, and one coat provides 5-7ml.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Relatively more quantity (6 ounces) than others
  • Withstand high temperatures
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Dries into a flexible vinyl – does not crack or peel off due to temperature variations.


  • More wastage through spray application

6. Performix Plasti Dip Intl LT140Z1 Liquid Electrical Tape Measure

Plasti Dip Intnl LT140Z1 C Intl. Let14Z01 Liquid Electrical Tape Bottle

Plasti Dip Intl LT140Z1 liquid electrical tape is unique on this list because it is elastomer-based, unlike others that are either rubber- or vinyl-based. But like its rubber-based counterparts, Plasti Dip Intnl LT140Z1 uses a brush cap for application on the surfaces to be coated. This simplified design makes it easy to apply.

The elastomer base also dries into a flexible seal that never cracks or peels off. So, you can expect it to last long under different conditions. It also has a fast-drying rate, taking only 24 hours to fully cure.

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  • A unique elastomer base makes it flexible and reliable
  • Does not crack under changing temperatures
  • Brush cap for easy application.
  • Compatible with metal, plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces
  • Waterproof and resistant to dirt, water, and chemicals.


  • No protection rating mentioned

7. Performix DB526436 Electrical Liquid Tape

Performix DB526436 Lt14023 4 Oz Electrical Liquid Tape Can

Performix DB526436 electrical tape beats most competing brands and models. Thanks to its elastomer base that dries into a flexible vinyl to effectively protect electrical connections. This is one of the best liquid electrical tapes for almost every application.

Performix DB526436 forms protective dielectric and electrical insulations by creating an airtight seal around the connection points. It can be used in boats, motor vehicles, pool electricals, water pumps, sprinkler system timers, and many others.

Like all other liquid electrical tapes, Performix DB526436 features a fast-growing formulation that cures in 24 hours.

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  • Has many uses
  • Quick curing time
  • Effectively adheres to rubber, plastic, vinyl, metal, and composite surfaces.
  • Prevent loose connections due to vibrations.
  • Remains flexible after drying – won’t peel or crack
  • Easy to apply


  • Challenging to find in the stores
  • Not much liquid in the canister

8. Blue Magic BOT55TRI Brush Liquid Electrical Tape

Blue Magic BOT55TRI Brush Electrical Tape

The Blue Magic BOT55TRI liquid electrical tape features on this list because of its insane curing time. Unlike all other product features here that require up to 24 hours, this takes only 1 hour to completely dry. That means it is the best liquid electrical tape for quick fixes or repairs around your home.

This liquid electrical tape is also affordable and forms a waterproof sealant around electrical connections or stripped wires where it is applied. It is also easy to use because it features a brush cap.

You can use this product for repairing and bonding heavy-duty automotive, industrial, farm, or any electrical wiring problem.

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  • Quick drying time of only 1 hour
  • Very affordable
  • Forms a watertight seal that protects cables from corrosion
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in 12- or 4-ounce bottles


  • Requires application time of 5 minutes – a bit long for some users

9. Dorman 85296 Black Liquid Electrical Tape

Dorman 85296 4FL oz. Black Liquid Electrical Tape Universal Fit

Dorman 85296 is one of the premium-grade liquid electrical tapes out there. You can also consider if you want a new electrical tape for any application.

This product is mainly black, though other options are available if that matters to you. And like many other liquid electrical tapes on this list, Dorman 85296 also has a brush cap applicator. So, using it will not pose any problem for you.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty
  • Rubber-based liquid electrical tape that retains flexibility after it dries out
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Dries out very fast after opening the can
  • Relatively expensive

10. Haisstronica 120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors (Alternative)

haisstronica 120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors, Marine Grade Heat Shrink Wire Connectors-Heat Shrink Butt Connectors-Butt Splice Wire Connectors for Stereo, Electrical with Corrosion and Weatherproof

Haisstronica is a solder seal used to form permanent wire bonds. They contain solder that melts upon heat application and provides an adhesive system. Besides, it cools in a few seconds to create a long-lasting, watertight seal.

These heat-shrink solder seals are designed for harsh conditions that conventional electrical tape cannot manage because of high temperatures. Haisstronica protects the wires and cables from elements, making them last longer.

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  • Suitable for general-purpose tasks
  • High quality – add strength to the electrical wires
  • Waterproof – solder melts and flows to form a seal on the wire
  • Offers environmental protection to the wires


  • Nothing noticeable

What to Consider Buying A Liquid Electrical Tape

Consider the following factors if you are looking for the best liquid electrical tape to buy:

1. Capacity

Liquid electrical tapes come in small cans, typically 4 oz. But you can find others from 1-6 oz. The amount you buy should match your needs because you don’t want to deplete them halfway before the work is done.

2. Material

Most liquid electrical tapes are made of rubber bases, but you can find others with elastomer or vinyl bases. Regardless, check the final result after application. You need a product that maintains flexibility after being fully cured if you don’t want them to crack or peel off. It will ensure longevity.

3. Color

Like conventional electrical tape, liquid ones are available in different colors. As an electrician or DIYer, you understand the importance of color coding in electrical wiring. So, you may need to match the liquid tape color with the wire color for uniformity.

4. Resilience

Liquid electrical tapes are not only for sealing stripped electrical wires or connections. They should also protect them from elements, such as water, UV light, dust, debris, heat, and many others. So, the product of choice should resist them to avoid degradation or corrosion.

5. Compatibility Material

Consider what you want to use the liquid electric tape for. Some are only compatible with certain surfaces and may not adhere to others. When buying a new liquid electrical tape, the best product should work on multiple materials, such as wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, or composite. This property makes it versatile.

6. Drying and Curing Time

How fast does liquid electrical tape dry out? Most products will take about 24 hours to completely dry out, but you can find other options. While you can get carried away by the fast-drying time, consider the liquid state of the product. Ensure it flows smoothly and is easy to apply.

7. Price Tag

Liquid electrical tapes are affordable products. So, you don’t save much by going for the cheapest option. You can consider what gives you the best value for money.


Q: Is liquid electrical tape waterproof?

A: Yes. The whole reason for applying liquid electrical tape is to form an airtight and waterproof seal around the connection points or stripped conductors. That is the only way to protect them from corrosion and other elements causing degradation.

Q: Liquid electrical tape vs. heat shrink, what is the difference?

A: Both liquid electrical tapes and heat shrinks offer a more durable seal or insulation around conductors than conventional electrical tapes. However, the two are applied differently and exist in different forms. A heat shrink is solid and requires heat. The heat melts it and forms tight insulation around the conductor after cooling.

On the other hand, the liquid electrical tape does not require heat and exists in a liquid state. After application, it cures under normal conditions and hardens around the conductor.

Q: What is the difference between liquid electrical tape and regular electrical tape?

A: The main difference is their state. As the name suggests, liquid electrical tape is in liquid form but dries out into a flexible vinyl. On the other hand, conventional electrical tape is solid and adhesive on one side that wraps around the connection joints or stripped conductors. Regarding longevity, liquid electrical tapes carry the day.

Q: How to use liquid electrical tape?

A: Using electrical tape is straightforward. Some come with a brush cap applicator for applying the liquid on the electrical conductors with damaged insulations. But before using it, you should stir it and ensure it is of the right thickness. Most liquid electrical tapes require only one application, but adding a second coat after five minutes to increase insulation thickness is possible.

Best Liquid Electrical Tapes: Recommendations

Gardner Bender LTB-400 liquid electrical tape is the best choice. It is cost-effective and reliable in protecting conductors from weather elements. It also dries relatively fast, taking only 24 hours to fully cure.

The second recommendation is the Star Brite liquid electrical tape. Like the first choice, this product also cures in about 24 hours and effectively protects conductors from corrosion and UV light. It, however, lasts longer and is compatible with multiple surfaces.

Permatex 85120-6PK liquid electrical tape is the last recommendation but is equally one of the best products. It is dust, water, chemical, and rust-resistant and works on multiple surfaces.

You can also choose any of the products reviewed in this post. They were keenly selected and should effectively function as intended.

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