Best Insulation Resistance Tester

Electrical insulation is crucial in any power system, even at low voltages. It is what prevents short circuits and possible electrocution that can be fatal. Therefore, it is undeniably crucial to test their effectiveness with reliable devices designed for that before installation. Every insulator used should effectively resist electric current flow. Testing the insulation resistance … Read more

Best Liquid Electrical Tape

If you are a DIYer or electrician, you will need electrical tape for insulating cut wires when doing home electrical repair or fresh installation. But that is not a problem because you can do it with conventional electrical tapes. What if you are performing the same task in tight and hard-to-rich spaces? The usual taping … Read more

Best Rechargeable C Battery

The C batteries are some of the most common portable batteries with myriad applications. They first featured in the market as non-rechargeable, single-use, and disposable batteries. But due to the call to reduce the footprints, a rechargeable version was introduced. The rechargeable C batteries range in capacities from 3,000mAh to 9,000mAh, depending on the brand, … Read more

Best Rechargeable D Battery

D batteries are the standard-sized dry cell batteries most commonly used in electronic and domestic devices. Unlike wet cells, these batteries do not have liquid but use a different chemistry to store electric charge. They were first invented in 1988. But as you can guess, technological advancement caused improvements in performance, safety, and reliability. D-size … Read more

Best Wire Stripping Machine

Wire stripping machines do just what their names say; stripping wires. Unlike wire stripping tools used by electricians and other professionals, wire stripping machines do it on a large scale. They are used for stripping copper, aluminum, or steel wires for recycling, which is good for the environment. Wire stripping involves removing the insulation cover … Read more

Best Underground Water Detector

As the name suggests, underground water detectors are devices for finding groundwater. Water is available at different levels under the ground. You may need to dig deeper to reach the water table in some areas. So, knowing where the water is located and how far it is from the ground is crucial to get the … Read more